1. terry84's Avatar
    hey guys ive been browsing CB for a while and just joined today(dont have BB yet! :<)
    . question about BB data plan and upcoming Bold.

    im not one of 'send 1000 text msg' or 'need to contact my friends in facebook every hour' user

    In Canada rogers offer 6gb data plan for just $30 where i can just get 1.5mb for $15 per month

    now here is my question, compare to iphone, I know BB webbrowser download compressed version of html(which will cause less data usage). is it really necessary to get 6gb of data plan for BB? or would be ok to get 1.5mb of data to read / write simple emails (how many things can i do with 1.5mb?)

    Is BB bold and javelin will download fullversion of html like iphone?

    and last question; does 8800 has gps option and does gps require data plan?

    thank you!
    08-10-08 03:04 AM