1. SammH421's Avatar
    Which out of these two phones is best and why?

    Battery life is my key issue! It has to last at least a day with medium to heavy usage. I've already had the 9900 but that was useless! (12 hr max)

    04-11-12 02:59 AM
  2. justinthomsony's Avatar
    Well, both of are outstanding! But I will go for BlackBerry curve 9360 because of it's stylish look really rocks me. I have really heard so much about this mobile. It's really one of innovative way to get extreme fun.
    04-11-12 03:43 AM
  3. fbloise's Avatar
    dont go wrong: 9790

    The 9360 is uttercrap: no autofocus cam, slow as processor, less ram...

    I have both and the 9790 is like having the best of 9900 with the portability of 9360. Plus you get a real useful cam.
    04-11-12 04:23 AM