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    I have the curve 8520 and i got it 2nd hand so it's not under warranty and i don't have insurance for it. My trackpad wouldn't scroll unless i bent the actual phone back while using it. Anyway sometimes if my screen dimmed down none of my buttons, keyboard, nothing on the phone would work unless i held the trackpad down for a few seconds and everything would work again.

    I was using my phone the other day like usual and due to bad weather recently my phone got a bit wet but it all still worked apart from my A, I, O, P, L & backspace. My screen again dimmed down as it would but when i went to try get on to it nothing at all worked i re-booted my phone lots of times and nothing tried holding the trackpad in again nothing so now none of the buttons or keyboard works only the trackpad scrolls that it.

    Please help ASAP this phones stressing me out, thank you
    08-09-12 08:47 AM