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    Can someone please help me? I had bought an Curve 8310 brand new and got it unlocked. I used it for like a year with my UK Vodafone sim card with no problems. I then upgraded to the Bold 9000 and the 8310 had been sitting in the box for about 6 months. I go to wipe it out via BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0.1, it says everything went successfully, but then now when I put my Vodafone sim back in it, I can send and receive SMS texts, but I cannot make or receive phone calls on it. The phone will receive calls now, but it will not make them. SMS works fine. So I figured to install the 4.5 OS for ATT. Now Im back to where I was in the beginning where the phone doesnt make OR receive calls. How can I fix this issue? I had sold this phone to a friend and just want it to work like it always did for me. Any suggestions? or Possible OS Version suggestions that will make everything work again? Thanks in advance!

    03-16-10 03:02 AM