1. ClinchKnives's Avatar
    I'm running BB connect on a Sony Erricson P1i. The browser works fine as well as the push e-mail. I can't seem to get Wayfinder or any other app to 'dial out' on the BB service. It always wants to use the normal vodacom 3G service which I get charged per mb. Does anyone know how to get apps to use the BB service instead? I don't want to pay massive data charges to use my navigator, use facebook,twitter or voip and IM The whole reason for BB connect is to have one flat rate for data usage.
    The P1i has Symbian os UIQ3.
    Next time I may just get a BB device!!
    05-10-09 03:52 PM
  2. Hazysky's Avatar
    On a BB a vodafone data plan would usually cover you for 3G use (depending on the device maybe) also wap and Blackberry Service. Is the BB connect plan not the same and are you sure you will be charged extra?

    If I were you I would speak to Vodafone about this.

    I do know that o2 UK has a BB connect plan that covers you for 3GB of data use.

    Basically any plan you have should cover you for all internet use that the device is capable of out of the box. 3rd party browsers may incur extra costs depending on the network's policy though.
    05-10-09 04:09 PM
  3. ClinchKnives's Avatar
    Thanks for a prompt reply
    I'm with Vodacom in South Africa. It's the same with streaming video, it wants to dial off the Blackberry service. I understand with that as one charge can't cover unlimited streaming but apps such as Wayfinder which work on the Blackberry devices don't use the blackberry service and dial out on the vodacom network. It asks which internet connection to use and doesn't give the BB option. It seems I need to set up the BB connection as an option but I don't have the adress it asks me for. Perhaps I need to speak to vodacom as the deals obviously change from country to country.
    Thanks again, I'm really impressed with Blackberry so far and just want to get the most out of it
    05-11-09 01:28 PM