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    Sorry i'm new to the forum.. & if this has been posted before i'm sorry for that too..
    (I have seen other threads on a similar topic but looking for something solid)

    I am looking at buying a Pearl 3g on O2, having spoke to sales & seen all the tarriffs online.. I have to pay 5 extra for data usage.

    1. Is this for the O2 data plan or for the Blackberry data messenger thing?

    Now my mate has just bought a sim free Blackberry, as she is already on a contract.. Orange are now making her pay an extra 5 a month... for the Blackberry service.

    2. If her contract already has a data plan, & using the blackberry messenger uses data plan megs then why is she paying an extra 5 & what does it do?

    Now the question I wanted to ask....

    3. If I buy a simfree Blackberry & I want to insert my O2 PAYG sim card.. are they going to be robbing me of 5 a month to cover the costs of this Blackberry messenger thing?
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    My current tariff is O2 Text and Web

    Which gives me 500m free every month!
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    I do not believe that the charge is for the blackberry messenger app. It is probably something for email usage I would think, but I am not sure of O2 plans
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    All internet/email/bbm/(and other data) goes through RIM's servers when you're using a BB, but you do get push email and bbm as an added benefit. That is likely why they might be charging you more for a BB plan. You might want to call the provider and ask.

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    Well that sucks, but that does tie in with what i've just been informed by O2.

    They state that I have to top up 15 a month to have continual access to the net.
    The guy on the phone was getting quite irate as I wasn't aware that you had to pay for the privilege of accessing the net.

    I can access email, messenger & the net off my current phone & not have to pay extra.

    I am now struggling to see the benefits of getting a Blackberry...

    Thanks for the reply though... Tis appreciated
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