1. spoocobravenom's Avatar
    Does anybody have a Blackberry Certified Support Specialist Certification?

    If so what all did you have to do: ie classes, where you take your exams?

    I am looking into this because I am thinking about starting a side job, training new Blackberry owners how to use their new phone, since alot of people in my area are getting new berry's but have no clue of their true potential.

    I am looking into this on BB's site but wanted to see if anybody here has done it or does it.


    07-23-08 05:09 PM
  2. Phelos's Avatar
    There' quite a few well educated in blackberry ppl here. Most learned from the school of hard knocks. Some have passed on their knowledge down.

    You could search around this site and put together your own class.

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    07-23-08 05:14 PM
  3. spoocobravenom's Avatar
    Yeah I have exhausted/read every thread on here I think , This is a great site to learn from cause there are ALOT of smart M.F.'s on here, but you know in the business world some people like that do you have a degree/certification crap. Like job experience is worthless compared to a degree. muhaaaa, but yeah I always read this site to continue educating my feeble little mind and I already do some training now for friends was just wanting to expand it.
    07-23-08 05:20 PM