03-27-12 02:41 PM
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    It always has been a carrier issue. Rogers, Fido, and Bell (some other one as well). If the OP had just stopped and thought about it for a second....it's like any bloatware that a carrier may include in their version of the OS. I have noticed this since my 88xx days.

    Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.
    03-27-12 11:25 AM
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    Thanks to everyone replying on this issue. In light of the investigation, the title of the posting should be:

    "ROGERS Blackberry users have phone number supplied to certain websites when they are browsing on their phone"

    Here are the facts so far:

    1. Only affects Blackberry *and* ROGERS combination
    I tried using my friends iPhone on ROGERS and the number was not automatically displayed. I also tried my wife's phone who has a Blackberry on BELL and it did not show the number. So it has to be BOTH Rogers and Blackberry.

    2. Website like "m.motime.ca" and "m.rogers.ca" can ONLY be browsed by having your carrier radio connection on. You cannot reach these sites when you have only WiFi enabled, it says "insufficient network coverage, please try again".

    3. I have never been asked nor informed of this practice, and would like to know if there is a list of websites that Rogers provides this number trace service, so I can at least avoid visiting them.

    So in conclusion, it is NOT a flaw with Blackberry browser, but our carrier ROGERS restricting access to certain websites to only occur through their network so they can supply the phone number to that website.
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    03-27-12 01:49 PM
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    All carriers own mobile websites bypass BIS but on the other hand that's how you keep browsing when there's an outage, you navigate to the carrier bookmark first.
    03-27-12 02:41 PM
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