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    trouble with my 8330
    when it starts up theres a white screen with the hour glass turning and then
    it goes to the sprint startup black/yellow screen and then to the main home screen and lets me scroll up and down on the apps but if I click it doesnt respond
    it also beeps whenever a text comes in- which means texts are coming I just cant see them -its torture...
    the up and down scroll works but i cant do anything else...
    then after fifty seconds of scrolling up and down it shuts down
    help me please help!!
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    07-08-10 08:16 PM
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    IN my opinion you have 2 options

    A) If you recently installed new software chances are is that its starting up with your device and requires alot of memory to run (which you may be low on which is another problem...)
    If you installed some new software then you should connect it to your blackberry desktop manager and delete it through there. (Feel free to ask for instructions on how to do that.)

    B) If option A doesn't work or you just want to start off fresh. Backup all your contacts and info using the blackberry desktop software.
    Hard reset your phone (erases everything) and update software to the latest version (via desktop manager).

    Please check back with were your holding.

    07-09-10 02:32 AM