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    I currently have a verizon bold 9650, due to uncontrollable issues I'm going to have to give up the service and phone. I was thinking of getting a blackberry for boost but I wasn't sure if this was a good idea. The only thing I really use ny BB for is instant email and web a little bit. But can't afford my $130 a month plan.

    Are boost BB a decent deal or should I go with something else ?

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    11-23-10 06:31 PM
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    I have had Boost for over a year with flawless service. 60 bucks unlimited everything and you can sign up for the Shrink it plan. 6 on time pays they take $5 off your monthly payment. After 18 on time pays you can reduce your bill to 45 bucks. The only bummer is having to fork out the big bucks initially for the bb. The only thing you can't have is more than 3 person conference calls and BES. $249 for the 8530. But I figure that will come down in a few months. Also it tethers fine with the Tether app! Hope this helped.

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    11-23-10 06:41 PM