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    My girl friend has a Blackberry Bold 9900 purchased in September of 2011. Long story short the phone is junk, the phone reboots randomly, the hour glass comes up when the phone is idle and everyone I show the phone to agrees the phone needs to be send back to RIM. To top it off there are no replacement phones in Toronto.

    The phone is with Bell Canada. The phone is still under warranty as it is less than a year old.

    We have been to all the Bell stores in Toronto including the head store at the Eaton's Center twice with no luck. We have phoned the head office many times as well. Bell employees tell us they see this 5 to 10 times a week and there is nothing they can do. There are waiting lists at some stores and we are waiting patiently but after three weeks I am getting fed up. The employees at these stores will not even recommend a Blackberry anymore to new clients. I find this insulting as the device purchased is over $600. According to Bell employees, apparently RIM does not ship Bell enough replacement phones. This is what they said to me specifically on numerous occasions.
    Bells solution to this issue, (RIM not providing enough replacement phones) is to credit my account for the months of terrible service the credit started Jan 15th and will apply to when I receive a replacement phone. This is all they can do and apologize for the bad customer service. I then contacted your customer relations department and they could not help me either.

    The only RIM phone that was offered to my girl friend was at Jane and Finch in a rough neighborhood, and we were only offered a Blackberry Tour. I took this with insult as this phone still had a trackball and all trackballs were removed off all RIM phones almost 2 years ago. Not to mention the phone we have is a BB 9900 the top of the line blackberry device.

    I have had 4 Blackberries with you over the last 6 years and I am awaiting the Blackberry London this summer, however I am deeply disappointed with the support you are providing regarding a defective product. Can you please contact Bell and find out why I can not get my phone fixed or why their stores do not have any replacement products?
    I will tell you this after one month of driving around trying to get a phone fixed I am getting very upset with RIM. I don't know about you but when my girlfriend has an issue it becomes my issue, and as a result I am contemplating leaving RIM after 6 years.
    On the weekend I went into a Bell store and asked them if I had an I-phone would it have been replaced and they said if Bell stores did not have a replacement phone you can go to any one of Apple's stores and they will give you a loner for FREE on the spot while your phone is fixed. NOW THIS IS SERVICE

    Again please help me find a replacement phone so I can get my blackberry fixed. I apologize if this letter sounds like it was written in anger but it is, as a company that I have supported for many years wont help me when I need help.
    02-14-12 10:39 AM
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    Troll post !

    Try and ignore this thread as its clearly only meant to cause excitement.
    02-14-12 01:06 PM
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    It is not a TROLL POST

    02-14-12 01:19 PM
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    i dont know if posting here will help since this isn't a official blackberry/RIM forum. have you tried calling them?
    02-14-12 02:55 PM
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    I have called Bell many times and they said RIM does not ship them enough replacement phones.

    As one phone is fixed the loaner goes to the next person on the list. We are numerous waiting lists.

    I called RIM's customer support and told me either to deal with the carrier as that is who my contract is with. The reason for this letter is hopefully to get some one either at Bell or RIM to acknowledge this, also if some one is having the same issues with Bell they can search this thread and hopefully find out their not alone.

    Either way Bell said they acknowledge the issue with RIM and the lack of replacement phones and there is nothing they can do except give a full credit while they are waiting for more phones to be shipped by RIM are while we waiting for a loaner phone.

    Bell said they are very sorry, but other than give credit there is nothing they can do.
    02-15-12 07:21 AM
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    i have bell, and i have never had an issue with anything like this. I however have a 9800. best phone i have ever had. sorry bout the bold. seems like it is having a few issues with the firmware upgrade.
    02-15-12 08:28 AM
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    I am with Bell and have never had an issue.

    I have never had an issue with any of the 4 blackberries I have had except for a cracked screen which was my fault but other than that I have never had a problem until this.

    This is why I am so surprised that this is how RIM/Bell treat customers. I want to stay with RIM but its hard with no support.
    02-15-12 12:54 PM
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    i have just talked with my bell rep and she has had little to no problems with the bold. And the couple that did come in were dealt with by bell and not rim.

    very odd indeed
    02-15-12 12:58 PM
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    I just phoned Bell 416-310-BELL

    I asked them to phone around Toronto for me and asked for them to find me a loaner phone.

    NO HELP, who is your contact?
    02-15-12 01:38 PM