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    I am new to blackberry and I have set up my email through the starter program. I am using yahoo as my email provider and have the icon on my home screen. The problem is when I click on my icon it just shows me new messages I have received. I am looking for my inbox with all my folders via yahoo but all i get is new msgs and thats it nothing else. I can receive new meesages then delete them. I have clicked in the menu and i see folders in there but its nothing but sms and mms and saved messages thats it. Its really annoying and I am getting super frustrated bc my cd wont load onto my computer and the booklet says nothing. I need help. Thanks
    02-04-09 11:59 PM
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    The message box only shows incoming messages. If you want to view folders you created within your online account, you will have to install a 3rd party application. This will give you the ability to view your folders, archived messages, contacts, and you also have the ability to send and receive messages. There's a yahoo mobile application if you have a yahoo account, and a google application if you have a google account. I don't have the web address right off hand.
    If you do a google search for yahoo mobile application for BlackBerry, or google mobile application for BlackBerry you should be directed to the appropriate site.

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