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    Looking for a professional device to add to my HTC G2 (for a second/work phone). My HTC G2 serves me well for basically everything I do, I just want a separate device that handles calls and emails well - both of which I'll be getting a lot of, and want separate from my personal phone.

    I can get the Bold 9360 for about $250 off-contract, and it seems to be an all-around nice phone. Just under 100 grams, it's lighter than the Curve 8530 I used to have. I have small fingers/hands, so the size of the keys are fine. Still has NFC like the 9900, even if there's not much use for it at the moment. Doesn't have a touchscreen, but that can be a good thing - no accidental face hanging up the phone, no randomly unresponsive screen, less smudges/dirt, etc.

    But I can get the Bold 9900 for about $375, and I'm not sure if the extra $125 is worth it, especially when I've got so many things to buy at the moment (such as the tablet). Touchscreen and bigger screen/resolution is nice, but at the same time, I don't really need touchscreen on a Blackberry phone - especially when it means the phone is going to be bigger/heavier. Faster 4G is nice, can't say anything bad about that. The faster processor and extra 512MB of RAM is nice, but I've seen videos of the 9360 and that looks plenty fluid/fast, so I'm not sure if it's really necessary. And that's about it for features the 9900 has over the 9360, AFAIK.

    Also, I'd like honest answers - are there any major/inevitable problems with either phones? I loved my old Blackberry 8530, but had to get rid of it when the charge/data port died completely, and I had a few friends suffer from the same problem across other Blackberry phones (all 8xxx phones at the time). Do the 9xxx Blackberry phones still have that same problem, or have they improved in that regard?
    01-23-12 10:19 PM