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    I have a plantronics BT headset and a BB Bold 9000.

    I had decided to retire my BT headset from every day use out and about and pair it with my PC for use with Skype. I wasn't overly concerned about not having a headset when I'm out and about as I no longer live in a state where it is illegal to drive without one.

    So I'm sitting with my headset paired, just made the Skype test call. Everything is working great. I then turned on my bluetooth on my bold to do a DM sync and it installed some new services. Didn't think anything more of it until my phone rang and it routed the call to my Plantronics via the PC.

    I now have my bluetooth headset sorted to where I can receive my skype calls, and when I'm in the office my cell phone calls too, and I didn't set up a thing!

    I was excited as to how simple if not automatic this process was / is.

    Another happy BlackBerry / Bluetooth user!
    08-31-09 03:52 PM