1. hawkjm73's Avatar

    I have an original Storm, and I'm looking to setup bluetooth in my car. My car has built-in hands-free that works wonderfully, so I just need an audio gateway (bluetooth to headphone or RCA jack). I'm looking at the Blackberry Bluetooth Music Gateway. From anyone who has used it, once it is paired, does it automatically connect when it is powered up? The one similar device I've tried had to be powered on by a button, then I had to connect from the bluetooth setup screen on the phone, every time. Very annoying. I would like to power on the car, then press play on my phone and nothing more. Assuming I provinde the gateway with power, will it do this? If not does anybody know one that will?

    03-26-10 03:18 PM
  2. makdeco's Avatar
    I am trying to do this similar setup and wondering the same thing.

    If anyone out there has at least used this thing how does it work?
    01-31-11 06:26 PM