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    Sometimes my internet is fairly quick and sometimes it sits on the 'Requesting....' for a minute or two before proceeding. So I looked up my IP through the BB browser but dslreports and whatismyip.com gave me two different ip addresses, I'm assuming this has to do with BIS proxy. Anyhoo I used IP geolocate and both IP addresses show they are located in California and registered to Research in Motion out of Waterloo, ON Canada Now if I get my ip address from running network diagnostics the ip address different again but this IP is from Verizon geolocated out of Philly.

    So as far can tell, when I request something from the internet it first goes off to the verizon server in philly, then has to go all the way to California, hopping on different servers along the way until my request gets to California then the request has to go out to the website I want to download which could be back in NYC so it my request hops back along the other way until it reaches NYC but the website can't just go deliver it to my phone in New Jersey it has to reverse the trip back across the country to California and then back again to me in New Jersey. If I do a tracert to the two IP addresses attributed to RIM from my desktop computer (desltop's IP Address is Pinebeach NJ) it takes 56ms and 19hops. So if I want to download a website in NYC it has to cross the country 4 times making the time appox 224ms on my Blackberry.

    Also in my research I came across this
    AS18705 RIMBLACKBERRY Research in Motion 295 Phillip St. Waterloo, ON N2L 3W8 CA
    Dslreports referenced AS18705 when I used whois with the ip address I got from whatismyip.com
    and then theres this AS18705 RIMBLACKBERRY Research in Motion 295 Phillip St. Waterloo, ON N2L 3W8 CA and then this net

    Now I'm not an expert massive networks like this and I could be completely off base with my assumption but if I'm not and my internet requests have to be routed all the way to California. 1. Is there a closer RIM server, if so where? 2. Is it possible to choose which server your connected too? 3. Are there any public plans for putting in new servers or increasing network speed?
    08-19-10 07:35 PM
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    08-20-10 04:09 PM
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    Basically the way it works is your provider has a data network that all the phones use for data with one or multiple connections to the Internet. Your Blackberry builds an encrypted tunnel through the Internet to the BIS/BES server. Your carrier is going to route packets to the closest Internet pop in the network, not the closest pop to the BIS. Most carriers only have a few major Internet pop's across the country. You have no control over the delay between you & the BIS/BES, it is what it is. It would be nice for BIS users if you could go directly to the site instead of through the BIS proxy as it would speed things up greatly. The compression delays, latency delays, etc. are rediculous especially at the bandwidth available to the phones.

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