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    Hello everyone!

    So I just bought a BB 9700 off a friend of mine and he was on the Rogers network with a data plan. He had his phone unlocked and sold it to me but I'm on the Fido network. My question is, how do I tell if the PIN has been released?

    I plan to get a data plan with either Fido or Rogers (I may switch over) and I will set up a BIS account. He does not know if he released the PIN or not ( all he did was a clean wipe before selling it to me). I currently don't have a data plan so is the only way to check to see if the PIN is registered is to call Rogers and ask? How will he go about releasing it if he needs to?

    05-20-10 11:06 PM
  2. ST79's Avatar
    Tell your friend to call Rogers and ask them to release the pin.

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    05-21-10 06:09 AM
  3. krd621's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply ST79!

    Greatly appreciate it!
    05-21-10 10:16 AM
  4. mark-d's Avatar
    Releasing the PIN is something that he would consciously have to do. A full wipe would just clear the device, not release the PIN so as ST79 said ask him to do this as you won't be able to make any progress until you can register the PIN

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    05-21-10 10:19 AM