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    I don't know about any of you, but I'm getting sick and tired of pulling the battery out of my Sprint BB Tour 9630 to resolve the Blackberry No Audio or Silence Problem.
    - Ringer Sound disappears
    - Email/Text Notification Sound disappears
    - No sound from media player, mp3s, movie clips etc
    - No key click sound
    - No matter what sound profile
    - No noise/audio whatsoever
    If you don't know what I'm refering to then please skip this post - else read on.

    I've researched this phenomenon and have come to the conclusion that RIM should be aware of the problem and that this problem is not unique to my BB Tour 9630, but it is widespread to many BB devices. This problem has been present for over 2 years. RIM has NOT fixed the problem. Loyal BB owners have to put up with it and many resort to "pulling the battery" to fix it. Many BB users keep their problem phone in lieu of trading it in for a refurbished unit, fearing the refurb unit may have other problems. And I assume many BB owners have used the BB Audio Problem as one of many excuses to abandon RIM BB OS for other devices like Android and iPhone.
    (Another BB issue that irks me is the short timeout of the backlit keyboard - you constantly have to fool the photocell by momentarily covering the sensor to extend the backlit keyboard timeout #&$!@#)

    I may be next to join them if this is not resolved soon.

    What to do???? We are phucked......

    I say we petition RIM and let them know we're serious or we'll bail, so those of you who'd like to pitch in please do. RIM may or maynot care, but they'll loose customers one by one.
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