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    Personally, there's a few things that annoy me in my BB usage. But, it bothers me less than other phones I've used. The only way I'm ever going to get a phone that works exactly how I want and has all the options I want is to build one myself. I don't see that happening so I just deal with things the way they are and maybe send suggestions to RIM on how things could be made better.
    04-12-09 10:27 PM
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    I agree with the above poster. No phone/blackberry is perfect. Its just the blackberry seems to be the best phone out of all I have tried.

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    5. BlackBerry's Not-so-Smart Dialer

    I am another person with several hundred number in my phone. I may remember a handfull of number, but not a lot of them. The people I know well, I have speed dial set up for them. If I want to call my wife, I hold down the L key and call her cell phone, or the [b]K[b] key to call her work (I don't even know her work number other than it being in my phone).

    I have a large client list and find dialing by name to be very useful. I think RIM got it right with the dialer window.

    4. Clearing in-call screen's input

    Most phones don't clear the screen. My old RAZR would, but not after about 30 seconds. It's not just BlackBerries that display information for a while. Pop back over to the home screen and you can wipe out the display of numbers any time you want (can't do that on other phones). It's actually more secure on the BB because you can choose to clear it anytime. I agree it would be nice to have a menu option to do the same thing, but there is a way to do it.

    I'm usually taking notes during calls, so I am constantly changing screens between dial more and note taking mode. Anything I typed in before is gone.

    3. Your BlackBerry handed to thieves in a silver platter

    If someone steals my phone, I know my information is safe. I have backups of everything, including applications. I have the PIN and IMEI written down at home. One call to my carrier and it will be disabled. Since I am with a CDMA carrier, my phone can only be activated on my carrier's network. The theif won't be able to activate it on a different carrier, and my carrier will know it is stolen. They now have a pretty expensive paper weight.

    Sure, it will be a little fristrating for me. Insurance will replace the phone. It will take me a little while to install apps and restore data, but I haven't lost anything.

    2. BlackBerry password bureaucracy - Part One

    I think the ability to change the auto-lock options is a good one. I would love to be able to set it longer than an hour, or to set it up so I can manually lock it anytime I want (without a locking timer).

    I use my BB quite often throughout the day, so it is rare that I go an hour without touching it.

    1. BlackBerry password bureaucracy - Part Two

    I don't think ithis is a huge issue for me, either. I look at entering multiple passwords as added security. If I am goin gto connect my BB to my PC, I am usually going to check it first for messages, or for other things before connecting. If I haven't used my BB for an hour, I would have to type in my password anyway.

    I don't always have to turn on mass-storge mode. I'm not always trnsferring things to my SD card when connected to my PC, so I have mass-storage mode set to "Prompt". I have not problem with the added security of entering in my password to access the SD card fromthe computer.

    Device Manager doesn't know how long ago you typed in your password. It makes me feel more secure that I have to enter the password to transfer data between PC and BB.

    Since Media Manager is a compeltely different program, it also makes sense that I have to enter the password again to give it access. I have no problem entering in the password again. I have DM set to auto-sync and auto-backup, so it is not like I am typing the password in twice on my PC in a matter of seconds from each other.

    RIM made the BB a rather secure device. I like knowing that my business and personal data are secure, that if my BB does get stolen, it will wipe itself clean, and cannot be used by someone else (disabled/locked/reported stolen).
    04-13-09 07:15 AM
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    I auto-backup mine too because there are times it's as much as 10 days (or more!) in between me using the phone as modem and it always seems like 'it was just recently' I backed the BB up. (It always surprises me how long it's been and I always say "I'll do better"...though I have been lately )

    I also have the "prompt" for mass media because I rarely add/delete through the computer.

    As for issue #3. your info is safe but I beg to differ on the paperweight thing they wouldn't steal them if that were the case. Money talks... whether it's here, or in another country, there's always going to be someone willing to activate it.

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    Just to make a couple of things clear.

    Not-so-Smart Dialer

    I'm not saying RIM shouldn't allow searching by name. I'm saying it should allow both searches by name or by number. I'm guessing most of you haven't used a non-BlackBerry phone in a long time, but I do and dialing by number is the universal way to interact with a phone dialer. More power to the user, RIM should allow the user to use the dialer in whatever fashion makes it more efficient. As hard as it may be for many of you to believe, Microsoft has done something right, even if it's the only thing done right on a Windows phone. I didn't have to use different dialers to dial by name or dial by number. I didn't have to change any setting on the dialer to toggle between dialing modes. I just typed names and it fetched contacts, I typed numbers and it fetched contacts too. Unless Microsoft has patented this functionality, I don't see an excuse why RIM can't improve their dialer.

    Excessive Password Prompts

    I understand BlackBerry has been built with security in mind, but RIM is targeting consumers now with the latest devices. There has to be a balance between having security and not getting on people's nerves. RIM's excessive password prompts and forced auto-locking can be as annoying (actually more) as Vista's UAC prompts dialogs. Just like Microsoft is doing something to not be as annoying, yet not giving users an excuse to turn UAC off in Windows 7. I think RIM should also re-think the way they are doing security on non-enterprise devices.
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    thx for bringing this up!
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    Laughing at dave.

    This guy has posted negative comments all over the board i'm guessing he has some real problems with BlackBerry, which begs the question why did he buy one.
    Laughing at you too. Your ignorance is making my day. Everything I say has to be a lie cause I don't have a hard on for my phone like you?
    04-13-09 10:56 AM
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    Laughing at dave.

    This guy has posted negative comments all over the board i'm guessing he has some real problems with BlackBerry, which begs the question why did he buy one.
    I was thinking the same thing (with an emphasis on laughing AT dave).

    The thing that irritates me the most and most of the time that is BB related, is actually the crackberry forums. For a site dedicated to solely blackberries, its not very berry friendly. The fact that quoting and editing posts only works <10% of the time makes me wonder why I keep coming to the forums. Having to click quote, then wait and copy the entire quote, then go back to the thread just to paste the quote and finally write the reply is just a chore. Mentioning it to mods has no effect either.

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    Really? That's your issue? You should strongly think about getting a life.
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    Some good points
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