1. SammH421's Avatar
    Hi. I had a blackberry 9900 about a month ago and I had to get rid because of the up to 12 hours battery life! I loved everything about the phone except from the shockingly bat battery life! I'm wondering if the 9790 is recommendable and what the battery life is like ( how many hours? )

    Also because of the 7.1 update, should I go back to the 9900, if it has been improved, or at all?

    I'm either getting the 9900 again or the 9790... Any suggestions?

    I know there are other threads similar to this but not exactly the same! Thanks
    04-08-12 02:05 PM
  2. muhammad.suleman98's Avatar
    The 9790 battery is quite similar, say about an hour longer, however you have to remember that that it's running on a much smaller processor, and much less graphics.. In conclusion the 9900 is better for efficiency n plus.. Its Frikin Sexayy! <3
    04-08-12 02:48 PM
  3. MetalxAssassinx's Avatar
    For me the 7.1 Helped me a lot !, but i still really need more Battery for my 9900, the 9790 have a Whole Better battery, Even without an Update for it... So if you REALLY Care about having a good battery like i would suggest you with 9790, but if you want the best performance phone, Big scren with bigger keyboard, 9900 is your best choice so far !

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    04-09-12 12:04 AM
  4. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I have BOTH the 9900 and the 9790

    Both Running 7.1, I'd say I get from 12-18 hours out of the 9900, with OS7.0 I would fight to get 8-10 hours, so 7.1 is a drastic improvement, with the 9790 I am seeing a more consistent 18-24 hours,

    There is not noticeable speed difference between the 2 devices,
    The build quality and materials of the 9900 are Superior,
    04-09-12 06:22 AM