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    I'm about to lose it, hope somone has an idea. I have a Blackberry 9630 tour and a '10 Ford Escape with Sync. Originally everything worked fine but after several Blackberry updates my bluetooth keeps disabling itself. Sometimes it connects sometimes it don't. I'll be in the middle of a call and it craps out. It used to id Sync and now when I look at Bluetooth options both checks are checked and it states connected but when I attempt a call Sync says no phone. I have; pulled out the fuse for sync in my car and put it back, I reset Sync to default settings, I wiped my Blackberry and went to version platform, I erased Sync from the phone and reloaded it, I have done the "shut off bluetooth and remove the battery" reset, I have done the cold and warm reboots as directed by your website, is there anything I missed? Verizons tech support was as useless as a condom with a hole in it. Sync hasn't even returned my email, but would expect anything less from Microsoft. Anyone with an opinion I thank you in advance for your time!!!!
    05-15-11 08:37 PM
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    05-15-11 10:09 PM
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    First, are you registered on syncmyride.com? If you are, check to see if you have the latest update of Sync on your Escape. I have a '10 Escape and I've had to upgrade the system at least once. Next, have you done a "clean pairing"? That's wiping the phone off of the Sync system and taking Sync off of the phone. Next, please, please, please pair your phone using a 4-digit PIN number. When you push the OK button and it comes back with a 6-digit PIN, then turn the tuning knob until it says Special PIN, hit OK and it will show 0000. Put that in your phone. Be sure to make sure the phone "Always acknowledges" by checking the Yes box when the sub-menu pops up (usually about the time its downloading your phone book). Hope this helps. See more info at fordtechlane.com
    11-27-11 10:39 PM