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    I bought a BB 8900 with the intention of using my home router to access it's services free of charge I.e without a data plan. Got home and all native BB applications did not work. I even switched from Internet browser to hotspot browser to see if I could connect to the Internet. The router is a Next router and it works, since my laptop, itouch and psp connects to the router and works flawlessly. It seems as though the router has a anti-BB policy since two other BB - curve 8350 and pearl- ate unable to access the Internet. I know I am connected to the router since the name of the router comes up beside the carrier, however, the wifi icon is not bright and there is a white dash beside the wifi notification in manage connections. I had no choice but to apply for a data plan and of course all BB services worked...had to switch back to Internet browser to make the BB browser work.

    When I am off the plan or decide to turn it off and attempt to connect via the wifi again nothing works, I even decided to use a college hotspot but no luck - I signed in and connected to the hotspot and changed to hotspot browser....no luck, tried to use Facebook, yahoo and messenger....no luck.

    I researched on this forum and i found out that BB services will not work without a data plan and I read somewhere else that there are 3rd party applications out there that will allow you access to the global network via wifi. I downloaded and installed bolt, opera, ubertwitter, palringo and nimbuzz while on a data plan. None worked, which was understandable because I didn't have a clear wifi connection...no Internet, however, ubertwitter seems to update its feed every now and again while I am off the plan.

    What's even weirder is that palringo and opera will not work even on a data plan.....palringo says 'error the palringo service seems to have stopped responding....' and opera says 'unable to connect. Please review...' while opera, nimbuzz and all other applications works flawlessly.

    While at a family member's home I decided to attempt another wifi connection ...had no data service, and surprisingly I was able to connect to the router there and access the Internet. All applications worked, excluding the native BB services of course, even palringo and opera too. All indicators of a wifi connection were present - a green arrow instead of a white dash, a bright wifi icon in upper right of screen - so clearly the phone has ability. The router there is a dual modem/router.....issued by ISP.

    Others are probably just as confused and probably are facing the same issue but hopefully with the help from the tech savvy and others in this forum we'll make some inroads into uncovering the problem as to why all the BB phones will not connect flawlessly with the home router.

    Thanks for reading, eagerly awaiting a solution.

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    12-29-10 02:41 PM
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    In order for the native apps (including the browser) to work on WiFi, you must have a BB specific data plan. Keep in mind that most native apps don't use WiFi anyways, so they'll have to run off of your data connection. On a BB, data traffic (including when you're on WiFi) goes through RIM's encrypted servers. Without an active BIS connection, it simply won't work. You need to keep that BB data plan.

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    12-29-10 03:17 PM
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    I understand that a data plan is absolutely required to use the native BB applications. The problem I am having is that, at home (using my secure Next router, an unsecured linksys router in my area and at a college hotspot) I am unable to use the router to access 3rd party applications like palringo, ubertwitter, nimbuzz and opera mini with my 8900 and similar applications with two other BB phones, but at a family member's home I was able to. What could possibly be the problem as to why I am unable to use the applications at the locations stated? Bear in mind that I was off all data plan in each case.


    At home and at a college the wifi indicators were absent I.e no green tick, only a white dash; no bright white glow, only a dull looking wifi icon, but connected to the wifi/hotspot (college), no 3rd party worked.

    At relative's house green tick is present, bright white wifi icon and all 3rd party applications work.

    Another issue is, why does palringo and opera work on wifi (worked at relative's house) but both applications seemingly does not work while on a data plan.

    Hopefully I have made things clearer.

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    12-29-10 09:24 PM
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    If you're connected to WiFi and the icon is bright white, that indicates you are connected to BIS. Therefore, that BB data plan was still lingering on your account. In the forums, you'll have to search for it, there's a list of 3rd party apps that use WiFi. If the apps you're trying to use do not support WiFi, you'll have to have a BB plan in order to use them.

    At your relative's house, you indicated that the WiFi icon was bright white. This means that you have BIS active, and therefore your 3rd party apps were going through your data plan. If you search the forums, you'll find a plethora of other folks with the same problem. Some have gotten certain 3rd party browsers to work, most have not. Without a BB plan, the most you can hope to do is talk and text.

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    12-29-10 09:36 PM