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    The company that I work for recently changed its policy on personal BB devices on the corporate network. As a result a new BB device will be provided for me. The challenge I am facing, is how do I wipe my BB device and remove the IT Policy from my device, specifically the password protection for logging into the device. The ability to adjust password protection is disabled and carries through if I reinstall or wipe the device.

    I have two devices, the Curve and the 8820. I've used the application loader to wipe the device twice, without backing up, and without reloading the database. I've also tried to wipe the device from the security settings within options. Regardless of what I do, I cannot remove the password protection.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Thank you in advance.
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    10-23-07 05:55 PM
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    Ravenelje, did you ever figure this out? I assume that the security policy is tied to the PIN in the device.
    10-24-07 06:30 AM
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    I did not. I've asked our BES Policy Administrator and he doesn't know. His thought was that with desktop manager/application loader it would remove everything, but that is not the case.

    He has escalated the issue as well, and I took matters into my own hands, by posting on Crackberry.com
    10-24-07 09:42 AM
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    have bes admin send blank policy to BB and then disconnect it from BES
    10-24-07 10:44 AM