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    So I'm curently on MetroPCS and I rather like the service, good pricing as well. However, their phone selection is complete and utter garbage.

    I've been looking at Blackberries and I rather like the 8703e, as all I really want a phone to do is make calls and text people and everything past that just seems like overkill for what I do. Now, as I can get an 8703e for a hundred bucks or so, I was thinking about getting one, but I really don't want to pay 100 bucks a month through Verizon when I can pay 50 a month through Metro. I'm not worried about e-mail and web browsing...just text/calls, and the Blackberry seems like a good tool for that.

    Anyways, the question is, can I get an 8703e and have it flashed over to Metro? They just started that new "Yeah bring in your phone and we'll flash it for you!" deal and I was wondering just how broad a range of phones that covers.

    Also, does anyone here have any experience with that particular phone?
    12-10-08 08:38 PM
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    The 8703e is excellent and would make a great phone/PDA when not used with a data plan. It has most standard PDA/organizer apps built-in, bluetooth, and speaker phone (which can be pretty loud!).

    You can also download most applications and install them from the Desktop Manager software that is included. Many apps for the BlackBerry are not dependant on a data plan.

    If you're a heavy text-er, then any BlackBerry would be an excellent choice.

    As far as using it on MetroPCS, you'll need to make sure they are a CDMA network. If they use GSM (SIM card), the 8700c is that equivalent. You'll probably need to remove the vendor.xml file from the OS and reinstall the software. There are many threads here that tell you how, or PM me and I'll walk you through it.
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    12-10-08 08:45 PM
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    Metro is now selling blackberrys and you can flash the phone the question is though can you flash to the data servie on Metro.
    08-19-09 04:42 PM