02-12-10 10:37 AM
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  1. forkup's Avatar
    If you do it using the Qpst method it's a perm fix.


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    08-21-09 02:46 PM
  2. mjcarter's Avatar
    Worked like a charm! I noticed in google maps now, that instead of showing my location to be accurate within 1000 meters it is showing it to be within 2 meters. So a big thanks goes out to you for doing this.
    09-28-09 09:46 PM
  3. echovault's Avatar
    I have been roaming the web for days trying to get this to work.

    First off let me warn you again, these screens are not for the squeamish. I actually managed to brick one device.

    And let me be very specific. First off this is a Alltel-purchased 8330 curve with v4.5
    I had tried all the tricks for alltel, such as installing TeleNav, then uninstalling. All GPS apps worked while Telenav was installed, all being all the ones I tried including Blackberry Maps, Google Maps and Live Search Maps. After removing TeleNav, things would work until I rebooted. The I'd be reduced to aGPS, which was within 5000 meters in my area. Thats 3 frickin miles.

    After finding this post and following very carefully, I now have a 3-8 meter lock in all my apps, and TeleNav has never been downloaded to this device.

    Good luck
    11-19-09 01:25 PM
  4. bhavlo's Avatar
    I have read through and followed all the steps above but no luck getting my phones gps to work. I didn't have all that many setting that were actually different, I tried both the Operation Mode = MS Based and Standalone but either actually allow the gps to lock onto a location.

    Google maps no longer show the big blue circle showing my location within 5000m but it never finds me either. If I push the 0 is states "Waiting for Location". I have also tried another GPS application but it never finds location either.

    Does anybody have any more ideas on what I should try. I also set everything back but Google Maps wont work with the cell towers either. Has anyone ever gotten a Verizon BB Curve 8330 to work with this?

    02-10-10 09:24 PM
  5. jeffh's Avatar
    None of these techniques work with a Verizon 8330. You can use BBMaps or Bing or VZNav. Verizon doesn't enable the GPS for other apps, and there's no user hack that's been found to work.
    02-10-10 09:55 PM
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    where can i download Thyth-O-Matic? can't find it in google and any links to it no longer offer it.
    02-11-10 06:28 AM
  7. RCBOZO's Avatar
    I have an Alltel 8330m that is now running on Verizon. I used the "A Real Fix for Broken GPS - Guide v1.0 "

    h t t p ://forums dot crackberry dot com/f41/real-fix-broken-gps-guide-v1-0-a-192999/

    This has been working for almost 3 months now.

    Here is a Thyth-o a link.

    h t t p ://DW DW DW dot zibri dot org/2009/08/hidden-things-are-usually-best dot html
    02-12-10 10:37 AM
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