1. vodouisant6's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    Ok, I just bought a blackberry 6280 off of ebay. Put my sim card from my old cell phone in (centennial is my carrier) works great! I just can't figure this damned thing out. I downloaded the blackberry desktop manager. That all went well. But it's not letting me put songs on it. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I'd really appreciate it if someone did lol.. thanx in advance!

    03-05-08 06:21 AM
  2. Purcell8830's Avatar
    Hi, I don't believe that the blackberry 6280 supports music. Only the later devices have media players built in. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the 6280 only has 16mb of flash memory, so it wouldn't hold too many songs. Sorry for the aggravation. Good luck!
    03-05-08 10:08 AM
  3. tanya7375's Avatar
    I have a blackberry 6280 works perfect cant connect to the computer any help would be appreciated.. thanks
    07-27-08 11:45 PM