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    Hi, last year for Christmas I had gotten a LG keybo 2. I had signed a 3 year contract with Telus. Coming up to one year since I have gotten my first phone it has been turning into a little nuisance. It has been turning off for no reason, its been pocket dialing like no tomorrow, not only that but some times it will vibrate and beep and stuff when no one is calling or texting me. I have 1 year warranty on the phone btw

    This year for Christmas I want to get a blackberry. So i have 2 questions, is there any way i can get a blackberry and not cost me any thing extra. Second if I were to get a new blackberry which one should I get. Been thinking between the New bold 9780 and the Torch.
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    no need for duplicate posts, I have answered you in your other thread.
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    I know its just that no one had, replied to this one.
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