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    These are within my budget from the bay. Which would be the better buy please?

    Also, seen this:

    What do I need on my SIM and tariff?
    In order to use any BlackBerry phone, you will need to have the ‘BlackBerry Service’ added to your monthly contract tariff. If you do not add this service, the phone will work for SMS and calls but not for email, maps or data.
    BlackBerry phones are not suitable for people with PayAsYouGo SIM cards as to my knowledge no network operator offers the BlackBerry service on PAYG.

    What does that mean guys? I have never owned a Blackberry before.
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    07-04-10 09:20 AM
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    Essentially it means that you need to have a data plan to use your BlackBerry. That's standard practice for almost all carriers when you get a smartphone.

    I recommend the Bold 9000. While it may be limited in memory when compared to the other two, it is 3G and WiFi, plus it's one of the nicest BB designs IMO.

    If you don't want to go that route, I'd suggest the 8900 over the 8520. Nicer screen, better camera, similar, but better keyboard IMO.
    07-04-10 09:46 AM
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    What I would do is go to the BlackBerry web site, use their compare feature and compare all three phones. You can use their chart to see what each phone offers and line them up side by side to see which of the three has the specs that you need.
    07-04-10 10:25 AM
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    data plan. Expensive? A must have when getting a Blackberry?
    07-04-10 10:58 AM
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    Data plans range depending on carrier, but usually anywhere from $15-$50 depending on how much data you need. What carrier do you plan on subscribing with?
    07-04-10 11:05 AM
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    data plan. Expensive? A must have when getting a Blackberry?
    Yes, it's a must have. As is previously asked, what carrier are you planning on going with, or currently subscribe to?
    07-04-10 11:19 AM
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    07-04-10 05:09 PM
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    From the phones listed on Orange, I would go with the 9700.. Top of the line model right now, and will most likely run OS6 when it comes out this fall. All of the Dolphin line plans include 500mb of data, which is plenty for most users, and the Panther line plans have unlimited data usage (*subject to limits in fine print*). I receive about 500 emails a month, surf a lot, and BBM to the hilt and still only hit 30mb at most.
    07-04-10 08:04 PM
  9. iMiiTH's Avatar
    I say the 8520, biased because I'm using an 8530 :P

    It has wifi, edge, gps, os5, trackpad and 256mb app memory.
    The keyboard is pretty nice too and the device is nice and light.
    07-04-10 10:14 PM
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    If i don't use the data, is it worth getting the phone? I really like the Blackberry!
    07-05-10 02:56 AM
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    I would say the 8520 because I as well have the 8530 and love it. With that said, in my opinion, I can't imagine having a blackberry and not having a data plan (just because I mostly use my bb for messenger, internet, and email). If anything maybe play around with one in person and try to figure out if it would be worth it for you without the data plan Good luck on your decision!
    07-05-10 03:40 AM
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    BlackBerry is far better with a data plan as so much of its best functions (like push e-mail) are gone without the plan.

    Given your list above I'd go for the 9000 with or without the data plan. Better overall phone even with limited memory. Best texting keyboard on the market today.

    My suggestion is buy the lowest data plan and get a BB over any other phone on the market today. We have both an 8900 and a 9000 in my family. Both have the lowest end data plan. Neither of us would trade for the other's phone.
    07-05-10 06:55 AM
  13. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    If i don't use the data, is it worth getting the phone? I really like the Blackberry!
    That will really depend on your needs

    Even without the Data Plan the Blackberry is great for SMS,
    BUT it is pretty pointless without a dataplan as the stuff that makes BB so great are all connected to the Dataplan

    With the Dolphin 40 Plan by Orange UK, you can get a Bold 9700 for Free and pay for 37.50 if you sign and 18 month contract, which is pretty nice IMO.
    you'll get 500MB of data which is a good amount on a blackberry.
    07-05-10 07:19 AM
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    As far as the device is concerned i suggest the Bold 9000. It has the best overall specs (besides the fact the Curve 8900 has a slightly better screen resolution)
    07-05-10 07:34 AM
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    I'd rather save some more money and get the 9700 if you don't need a phone this instant.

    At this point, the 9000 is nearly 2 years old and won't be upgraded anymore. It's showing its age with low app memory. This means that you're rebooting the device every day. The 8900 is also a dead-end device. The 8520 has bad build quality and I've heard a lot of complaints.

    However, if it is absolutely necessary for you to get a new phone now because it's on its last legs, get the 9000. It has a bigger screen, a better keyboard and 3G for its advantage over the 8900. The 8900 may have more app memory but I found myself frustrated a lot of times with being stuck on EDGE. It's even worse for you guys in the UK as most operators have GPRS, which is painfully slow.
    07-05-10 06:22 PM
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    I would say none, they are all terrible, app world sucks and this forum loads so slow its not worth it, its a true sign of all things slow
    07-05-10 10:38 PM
  17. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    i would go for 9700,,,not that much more than the others
    07-05-10 10:42 PM
  18. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    Yep, could probably pay a little more for a 9700 and have a really nice phone...if not that route, then try the 9000.

    Good luck!

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    07-06-10 03:22 AM