05-08-18 05:36 PM
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    There really is no way of knowing this one.
    I'd love to say so but then look at what happened with Palm and the webOS devices. Released at the right time, a MUCH better OS than anything else around at the time (even the tech journalists loved it), however it failed so so badly to capture the eye of the general public.
    I have a feeling that BB10 would have suffered the same fate had it arrived in 08/09. The only saving grace could have been that the enterprise world still relied heavily on BlackBerry devices at the time.

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    I don't know I think Web os got buried in the hp deal. With hp ceo and yahoo or who ever he worked forhp bought Web os I assumed for there own use but dropped it when the then ceo said they were getting out of the computer business ya crazy he didn't last long but I think the damage was done
    05-08-18 05:36 PM
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