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    Although the BB10 comes with BlackBerry Protect as an inbuilt app, which isn't the case with BB OS4 - OS7, the functionality/interactiveness of the app is kinda laid-back. Any reasons why?! And could it be made better?!

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    Whadderya mean "Laid-back"? Do you find it lacking in functionality?
    Please bear in mind that I have no experience of previous BlackBerry phones, so I'm unable to compare.

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    04-30-14 09:42 PM
  3. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Yeah lacking functionality is the right term. It's a pretty big step backwards in what it was/is capable of on BBOS devices. Kind of a shame considering how the general trend is to push towards devices that are more integrated to "the cloud" and not less.

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    I don't understand why they didn't keep it the same. No excuse for that on BlackBerry!!

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    04-30-14 10:28 PM
  5. anon(4216152)'s Avatar
    It's different because the old protect required BIS, which is not in BB10. That's why it has changed. BB10 version is more like a "where's my BlackBerry" app.

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    05-01-14 01:00 AM
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    Searched and read a lot about this when i switched from legacy to 10.. but was left heartbroken..... now I'm only keeping my fingers crossed to get back the same old BlackBerry Protect in future... Mr. Chen.. please do something about it...

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    05-01-14 01:25 AM
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    I honestly pray he does something about it. Was an app I personally loved and I know others out there need it as well.

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    05-01-14 01:40 AM
  8. darkehawke's Avatar
    The team that developed bb10 was completely different to the original. They had no clue what was in the original os and it shows with backward steps like protect and profiles and notifications.
    Will they fix it? Who knows. I have given up waiting

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    05-01-14 01:47 AM
  9. rthonpm's Avatar
    Here's a few possible reasons for the difference:

    1. BlackBerry 10 offers multiple cloud service syncing options for pictures and videos, as well as an automatic sync to PC with Link for all media files.

    2. The size of a BlackBerry 10 backup compared to a BBOS backup is considerable. How much data would a mobile network backup of a Z or Q series device take? For people with data caps, a regular backup could take a good chunk of their allotment.

    It would be nice to get some of the functionality back in Protect, even if it's just backing up low level system settings or specific apps like Password Keeper or contacts.

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    05-01-14 05:15 AM
  10. bennelong's Avatar
    I don't know how BBOS worked in this area, but I think that ideally, an anti-theft (or loss) solution should provide full remote access/control over the device.
    For instance - activating services such as GPS and data retrieval via PIN, regardless of the device possibly having been securely wiped.

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    05-01-14 04:52 PM
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    The big shortcoming for Protect on all OS's is that you can see your device on a map but you can't get gps coordinates so you can get there.

    If you're in an unfamiliar area all you can do is say, "Oh look, it's right beside sime bug building. Now how do I find the big buikding?"

    If you could get the gps coordinates you could plug them into a gps or another phone and go straight to it.

    05-01-14 05:02 PM
  12. bennelong's Avatar
    You'd never be able to get the permissions to build an App like 'Theft Aware' for BlackBerry, but a similar 'Find my Phone' solution would go well if built into the OS.
    I've used it on both Symbian and Android and it makes the phone a total liability for a thief. The nearest App to it for BB10 is 'Golden Retriever' in BlackBerry World, but that is clearly limited by permissions.

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