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    I need to buy a PDA phone and Blackberries are the obvious choice. However, I have my own hosted IMAP servers (with my own domain name, etc.) and I want e-mail on my phone to sync with my IMAP server. My searches on the internet and inquiries to vendors and others has only yielded confusion and conflicting answers.

    So, to what extent do Blackberries sync with IMAP e-mail servers today? What do Blackberries do and not do with IMAP? What more e-mail functionality could I get with Blackberry if I dumped my IMAP servers and switched to a hosted Exchange/Blackberry solution?

    I have also heard that "better" IMAP support from windows mobile or Palm OS is unstable and many people with IMAP e-mail still opt for the Blackberry. Any comments from those who have IMAP e-mail and rely on its features and also use a Blackberry will be appreciated as well.

    Thank you.
    06-07-08 09:03 AM
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    BlackBerry does not support mail syncing, so no IMAP. The closest you can do is enable wireless reconciliation, which will allow you to delete a mail off your Berry and have it also delete from your mailbox/server. Unfortunately, syncing individual folders and read/unread status isn't going to happen. It has been asked about for a long time, and still hasn't been implemented... I think this is mostly due to how the BlackBerry solution actual works though. Essentially, when you register your mail account with BIS, it creates a link between your account and the BIS NOC. When the NOC receives notification of a new message, it pulls a copy from the server, strips out all HTML and rich text, and then "pushes" it to your device.

    Switching to a standard Exchange server won't add much functionality because it would still need a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (expensive) attached to it. I am not sure about outside hosted servers and how they work though; your best bet for them is to check the websites of the companies offering them.

    EDIT: I would just like to add that the best IMAP support probably goes to Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile as a whole is a "slightly" less stable experience, and definitely takes more getting used to, but its IMAP support actually exists, and it makes it better by default. The trade off is that BlackBerry is a more stable, speedy, and secure email environment. Its unfortunate that you can't have your cake and eat it too, but a choice needs to be made...
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