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    Durring the CrackBerry Podcast 090 Kevin got a call from RIM. While he was on the call Bla1se started to tell us a story about the Halifax Chronicle Herald. An editor there had written a story about the death of RIM & then had a Poll as to which Platform people prefered. BB KICKED BU++ !!! (I remember becuase I also read the artice, & voted in the poll) As a result of the Poll the author did something with her twitter name, unfortunately this was where Kevin came back & kinda interupted....The story ended up never being finished

    Bla1ze What is her twitter name? Can you please finish the story?

    08-09-12 04:07 AM
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    Is this the poll you were talking about?

    I don't think it was a fair comparison of which platform people prefer, but which platform has more users who are passionate about that platform. And, which platform has the most supportive community. lol. Since that article was posted here on crackberry, i'm sure many of us went over there to cast our vote.

    But it was sure nice to see the results of that poll.
    08-09-12 06:17 AM
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    Oh, right.. tl;dr.. she reached out to me to talk about it further, so hopefully she's working on a better BlackBerry user piece instead of leaving it that poll and what she has now, which is kinda a fluffy typical boring piece that doesn't really reflect how many BB users there is. And yes, no doubt the poll was influenced but that's kind of the point.. a lot of BB users saw fit to influence the poll which goes to show you there is people out there who still love BB, no matter what the media says.
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    08-09-12 06:37 AM