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    I wasn't going to share this, but after thinking about it I started to wonder if anything like this has happened to anyone else?

    I was out yesterday shopping for some electronic gadgets for my Ipod, and I stopped in at a Radio Shack as I thought maybe they would have some of the stuff I need? Well, as I am walking past the Blue Tooth head phones, so I paused to check the prices. (I have kind of been thinking of getting one, but didn't want to justify the price?) I had just picked up a new 8830, and love it but the only time it is a pain talking is if I am in one of my cars that is the stick. Changing gears and talking isn't a good idea in my book.

    So while I am looking at the head sets I see the Motorola H700 on sale? So I think, "Well, it isn't really my first choice, but the price is pretty damn good!" $29.99 USD (Normally at that store $99.99 USD.) So I tell the guy I'll take one. Then we head over to the ipod section, and he helps me there with what I am looking for. So we start to walk up to the register and I say, "You know, I'll take another one of these head sets as my brother has the exact same phone, so I'll get him one too!" So the guy grabs me another one.

    So he goes to ring all of this stuff up, and there is some kind of an issue, so he is looking at the numbers on the “upc” code, etc. (I am guessing at this point there will be no issue, as this guy is the store Manager, so he knows the whole store. Right?) Well after about five minutes of him going back and forth and testing another computer there he finally says to me that these are the wrong head sets, and they are actually $99.99 and that they are out of the ones for $29.99, but he can get me one in a day or so? I stand there for a minute, and then I start to get a little upset. So I say that there must be some way to resolve this because these were what were offered, and that is what I should get? He starts telling me that he cannot do that, blah, blah...So finally I say look "Dave" or whatever his name was? I am not trying to bust your chops here, but this is actually switch and bait, and that is illegal. And I am not going to tolerate it! (I honestly just expected him to maybe just sell me one at a 50% discount or something like that? But here is a good lesson in learning to keep your mouth shut after saying what you want!)

    So eventually he says hold on, and he goes and calls what I am guessing a regional manager? And now there are other people in the store, and I am kind of talking in a loud voice and talking about how they cannot do this, intentional or unintentional? I did nothing wrong, and these head sets were actually locked up, and I had no access to them, so the mistake was clearly on their side. Well, finally he comes back and gives me both of the Motorola H700 Plum head sets at $29.99

    I asked what or where the mistake took place and he said that even though that Motorola had sent them the Plum version of the H700, they had a different SKU on them, meaning they were not supposed to be on sale? He and I chatted for a little longer, and he said he wasn’t too happy, but that he would have done the same thing. So basically I thanked him, and left with my headsets and my other items.

    After I left I was talking to someone, and it turns out that here in Michigan, if a business miss prices an item like this, they either have to give you 3 times the difference, or sell the item to you. (If anyone knows any different, I would be curious to hear that, as I had never heard that before?)

    So, has anything ever happened to anyone else like this? What did you do, how was it handled? Just curious!
    04-27-08 02:02 PM
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    I have never had anything like that happen but I hate shopping at Radio Shack. It seems like every time I go there is a hassle about something or the sales associate doesn't know the answers to any of the questions I have. I usually just go to Best Buy now for everything.
    04-27-08 02:21 PM
  3. Madcap_Laughs's Avatar
    I agree with you. It was just one of those situation where I was near the store, so I thought I would stop in. And.....well it paid off. lol
    04-27-08 02:44 PM