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    I recently saw the news post here on BIS 4.1. I am apparently not allowed to post links so I will post this for now and link it later.

    It says that one should be careful when swapping phones between one SIM card. I am planning on getting one of the new blackberrys (curve 9360) and am planning on swapping between it and my current and wonderful HTC Desire. I have hard of this problem or issue or whatever it is with blackberry data and its relations with the SIM card. So if I do get a blackberry and BIS does update, will I have any SIM problems when switching devices?
    09-13-11 06:25 PM
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    This is just a blank so I can post a link due to a silly ten posts minimum rule.
    09-13-11 06:35 PM
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    09-13-11 06:35 PM
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    Why would you? because of the update?
    To switch SIM cards from different carriers you need your Blackberry to be unlocked and the service books to be updated, other things are depending on your Network provider / Carrier.
    09-18-11 09:08 PM
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    You will not have any problems when switching from device to another device.
    09-18-11 09:55 PM