1. Tuborgmann's Avatar
    Hello there. Since the beginning of last week i am having a problem with my BIS. I have a BlackBerry Bold 9900. It shows connected to BIS services but i am unable to update my BlackBerry Facebook and Twitter. The weird part is that it is on and off, could be running fine for hours then suddenly no go.
    I am on 3DK, Denmark carrier and have 3G full bars almost everywhere i go. Read something about a BIS outage last week, could i still be experiencing problems related to that?
    I have tried wiping the phone and installing various OS's(.261, .296, .353 and .362 hybrid) all with the same result. As i write this i am wiping and installing a clean OS with only Facebook and Twitter, to see if that helps. Not that i have a lot of apps installed anyway, Google Sync, player for youtube, evernote, thats about it. Anyone have a clue what going on?

    Regards Kenneth
    09-23-11 01:03 PM
  2. Tuborgmann's Avatar
    I think i've narrowed it down to Google Sync being the culprit. Been running flawless since last night.
    09-24-11 01:27 PM