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    Dear knowledgeable crackberry users,

    I have the following headache:
    After I turn off my mobile phone service while remaining logged into my wifi home network, I can browse the web using the Internet Browser. However, I'm desperately lacking the connection to the Blackberry Internet Service.
    It's showing "not connected" and I can't use email or any apps.

    After searching the web and this forum, I found the most common error to be
    an insufficient data plan from the mobile phone provider. So after calling in to my customer service, and trying to explain to a rather "simple" lady what I was trying to do, she assured me that my data plan supports emails... yeah....

    So, assuming my data plan is not the cause, what else can I check or who else can I ask to finally get my blackberry properly running in a Wifi network?

    Device in question is 8520, recently upgraded to My router is some
    provider specific Thomson and unreliable as ****, but supposedly supports port forwarding and other basic features.

    Thank you for your thoughts!
    09-24-10 04:15 AM
  2. RWWackostu's Avatar
    Do you for sure have a blackberry data plan. the basic data for dumb phones will not work. Call back and ask for BB tech support.
    09-24-10 09:38 AM
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    I didn't think BIS worked over wifi. You need a data plan to access BIS and email. Being connected to just wifi (whilst being disconnected from the mobile network) just gives to access for browsing, not email. As for the apps, you might have to change them in the settings to run off wifi.

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    09-24-10 11:30 AM
  4. RWWackostu's Avatar
    And some apps will not run unless you have BIS.
    09-24-10 11:42 AM
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    Thanks for your answers!

    Since my witty ranting about this issue just vanished with my crashing browser and I have no mojo left (due to the refusal of my gray wifi icon to turn white for goodness sake) Ill give my short version:

    Barring the usual suspects
    (actually having a Blackberry data plan,
    resending service books,
    re-registering HRTs,
    open firewalls on your router,
    having no ISP playing smart and blocking port 443)
    it is most likely a problem of your carrier.
    Whatever they might want you to think it is And it gets even more likely with a carrier who offers more than one BB plan, simply because it happens that provisions (what you kindly are allowed to do) get lost between them. With lost I mean that every provision has its code, which is entered in your carriers magical stone plates for each data plan, and sometimes one of them is missing.

    Now, who this entity is (a talking rabbit with a hat, the flying spaghetti monster) and how it performs these actions is anyones guess. Although I consider myself part of the techno babble generation, this has too much a stench of the meta physical to it. What is clear is that these actions and decisions are in no way communicated to the people that have to deal with it on a daily basis, ie. tech support, sales people or, behold, the paying customer. I mean, if you want to rip off customers, fine. But if you would be so kind to say so, no one would waste a second of lifetime trying to make something work that they don't want you to have.

    So, what to do? I dont know.

    But here are some options:

    Let time pass and hope for the spaghetti monster to beat the flying cr*p out of Zeus to stop messing with the stone plates and finally update the data plan provisions for all flock.

    Be the engaged customer and bring tech support to the brink of insanity to fix your data plan provisions on an individual basis. Just to make you stop calling

    Get over it and get a life. I mean, its not the end of the world if your emails cant reach you (as they should, since you pay for it...) in the OR basement. Oh wait, it might not be mine, but someone elses

    Let me be clear, I dont pretend to understand this at all. This is just the picture Im getting after 2 days of intimate contact with phone company employees and sifting through tons of what google tells me are Blackberry user experiences. As for me, I might try all three approaches, but not necessarily in that order

    In hindsight, I should have posted this in the wifi subforum. Sorry for that. There are similar reports constantly popping up. Also, the best thread I found to further the understanding of this problem is this. I hope that someone roaming the web in search for enlightenment will find any of this useful.

    Keep on cracking
    09-25-10 04:33 PM