1. missmarvell's Avatar
    Hey guys! I have a Blackberry Curve 8520 which I bought from Indonesia and have been able to fully function the phone, BIS and all its apps in Malaysia and Singapore even. It wasn't until I returned to Russia after my holidays. I signed up for a new number with MTS Russia because they provide a special data plan for Blackberries. I also told the dude to activate my BIS but its been 4 days and still no luck. I went back to the service provider and they said that the problem is not with their end. I have other friends in other parts of Russia that are using their BBs with the same service provider but all their device were not originally from Russia similar to mine. But why is it then that only I'm experiencing this problem? Do I need to configure some settings? HELP PLEASE! :|
    02-18-11 03:09 PM