1. jonlong724's Avatar
    I have a Tour on Verizon, running the latest official OS, and my email settings are correct (sync deleted items). I have tried deleting and re-adding the accounts.

    If I send an email from my pc, it shows up as sent on my phone. But if I delete an email on my pc, it doesn't delete on my phone. Telling the phone to reconcile doesn't do anything.

    Any ideas?
    07-20-10 01:32 PM
  2. cybercs's Avatar
    2 way sync does work, but I have noticed that from web to phone takes up to 2 hours before it shows on the BB. If you delete or read on the BB it's almost instant on the web.

    I really hope they fix this soon, it's been a real pain over that last 6 months with Gmail on my BB. Anyone on BB6 using Gmail are you still having the same delay that we're all having on BB5 or 4?

    I'm thinking about getting the Torch and would like to know if the OS will fix this.
    09-03-10 09:41 PM