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    I have one user who has never had her email working.

    I'm at the point where I'm about 80% sure something is wrong with her data plan because all the usual tricks are not working.

    She started off with a Bold 9000 and did not have it connected to email at all. Late in the Fall we tried to setup her email account but it never worked. Logging into the BIS web interface showed the account was configured but no messages ever delivered to her device. Tried the usual tricks of resending service books. Register on host routing table. Battery pull. But never any messages. Tried setting up from the on device setup wizard and the web interface for BIS.

    We decided to leave it alone, The Bold 9000 was pretty beat up, was not on the latest version of the OS and she was going to buy a new one right away.

    So now she got the new 9780, but the problem still remained. We tried deleting the email account from BIS and setting it up again (The wizard found the IMAP server and set itself up without many questions).

    I tried deleting the account and adding it back again but entering the wrong password this time so the wizard would fail and I could manually enter server names. Tried it with IMAP manually, and with POP manually. Send service books after each change. Let it sit for a day in between changes to make sure we were giving the system enough time to activate.

    Now the final straw is that we changed mail servers from the email server at our web hosting provider over to Google Apps (Would have done this either way). So I deleted the account from BIS again. Left it deleted for a day and went back in to set it up again. The wizard now recognizes the domain is on Google Apps since it now gives the Calendar and Contact sync options. In fact the Calendar sync is working but email still does not.

    Sending messages out from the blackberry has always worked but inbound mail has never worked on either of 2 different mail servers and 2 different blackberry devices.
    Here is the header from a message I sent from her blackberry to myself:
    Received: from bda2622.bisx.prod.on.blackberry (bda-67-223-79-243.bise.na.blackberry.com []) by mx.google.com

    Web browsing has always worked on her plan
    PIN messaging works
    Outbound emails work
    BBM works (This is the one App she has always used a ton on old bold 9000)
    Calendar sync on Google apps BIS integration works.
    Contact sync on Google apps BIS integration works.

    There is another blackberry user (me) setup on the same domain and I get email no problem. The new Google apps server pushes messages to mine instantly, it's working flawlessly for me.

    I deleted her email address from her BIS account and added it on my BIS account instead and I get messages sent to her no problem.
    Her Blackberry is on Rogers, mine is on Telus CDMA.
    When setting it up on my BIS account it usually takes about 2-5 minutes before messages start pushing to my device, not the 20 minutes the activation message states.
    I also tried setting up an email address under her BIS account that goes to my personal domain name and another for her yahoo account. Nothing. We created a blackberry.net email address. Again, nothing. No inbound email works on her BIS account/data plan ever.

    The kicker for me is that the calendar and contact sync is working. If something about her data plan or BIS account is not messed up then I think I'm going crazy. I just have nightmares thinking how I will get Rogers tech support to understand what I'm seeing.

    So is there anything I missed?
    Some diagnostic I can do to test her BIS account?
    Anyone seen something like this?
    02-02-11 01:56 AM
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    Manage connections>mobile network options>BB button>diagnostics test>BB button>run. Good luck!!

    This will also resend service books and if successful you should receive email stating handheld has been registered to network from blackberry.
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    02-02-11 07:21 AM
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    Excellent suggestion. But the diagnostic showed nothing unusual.

    On hers, all items pass (Status says yes)
    On mine, all items pass.

    She does NOT get a registration message
    I DO get a registration message.

    So the difference between the two is she doesn't get a registration message delivered either.
    02-02-11 01:17 PM
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    Alright, found the problem.

    In Options->Security->Firewall

    The firewall settings for Personal Email and Enterprise Email was checked.

    Setting must have been there from the old blackberry and moved over when her data was restored at the store.
    02-02-11 01:38 PM
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    Awesome glad you got it figured out!!!!

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    02-02-11 01:42 PM
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    Glad you got it figured out. I'll keep this in mind in case I ever run into it with a BB client.
    02-02-11 01:59 PM