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    Okay, during the week my CIS email account needed its PASSWORD refreshed. When that did not work either on the device or the computer, I deleted the account and re-established it.

    Fine. But then I had to recreate a bunch of filters. I normally have the CIS "NOT FORWARD" except for the friends' filters I have established that includes me emailing from other addresses. Noticed I was not getting email. So just now I went to the filters and attempting to edit them, I found some were shortened, cutting off a series of additional email addresses in each filter.

    Since I copied each of these filters from my gmail account, they should work. No dice. Even manually trying to enter a longish series of addresses, they cut off about about 64 characters, whereas the ones already created in gmail run 242 characters. I know there is/was a limit which is why I had multiple "friends" filters but it seems that they are now very short.

    This was on the Verizon Bis site.
    07-09-10 08:54 PM