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    after a bit of research, I think it is impossible, but perhaps someone hast an idea/workaround:
    (long version here, short at the end)

    I have a bit of a "problem" with the BB auto on/off, nightmode, and the PIN Code of my SIM Card....

    in general I think the PIN Code to unlock the SIM card is a good idea....but that I have to hack it into my phone every morning, after it turned itself on, is not a very good solution...
    especially when the auto on is set before I wake up, because the phone is active, but without the PIN there is no way that anyone can reach me, because the SIM is still locked...

    but if I remove the PIN, my card is not safe, if someone gets his hands on my phone...

    now there are several other ways to lock a BlackBerry...3rd party apps, built-in password, encryption etc...which would be enough for me, because if the phone is stolen, i could just lock the card at my carrier, before someone is able to hack the security on my Blackberry... (I don't expect NSA or similar to want my phone )

    now to my problem:

    is there a way, to bind the SIM to my phone, say the IMEI or other "unique enough" identifiers, so that I can disable the PIN at the phone where it is in right now
    BUT if I take out the card, and put it into another device, it asks for the PIN, or PIN2?

    or is there an way, to cache the PIN in the blackberry, so it survives an auto on/off cycle?

    ok, the BlackBerry tells after a reboot (because you need to pull the battery to gain access to the SIM) that it wants a SIM, but lets just assume, that someone got it out, and put the phone back where it was, and i don't notice it for a while... (no flashs, no sounds, no incoming messages...no look on the phone screen therefore)

    or in fewer words:
    is there a way to safe the PIN on the device or disable the PIN on the card, so it survives an auto on/off cycle
    BUT at the same time leaves the SIM card locked in some way, for hard reboots/device switches?

    01-16-11 04:53 AM