1. Mc@wesomeYea's Avatar
    Hi everyone i recently bought a blackberry torch 9860 (unlocked) for quite a price and i now need a plan. i have another smartphone samsung galaxy with telus for a pay as you go plan and im quite happy with my 25$ monthly but now i have this here brand new torch and im looking for a brand new plan aswell i need a plan that is performing and suited to my needs as a student who goes to school and has a part time job on the side , but not too expensive and on the pricey side at the same time so i thought this would be a good forum to ask for help! Btw i live in Canada Montreal pricisely

    So i'm looking for the best company or the best possible plans i need:
    -Unlimited or close to unlimited texting, Picture included
    -Some voice(minutes) would be nice atleast 100
    -Data enough for a month Facebook/Youtube/Google
    -Free Home Calling
    -Maybe some extras like Caller iD, Voice Mail, etc..

    Thanks for the replies and help if there will be any :P.
    03-22-12 09:06 PM
  2. Sarcasm Detector's Avatar
    You dint have to look far. Have you r esearched some of the promotional blackberry plans available at Telus?
    Promotional Plans | Plans | TELUS Mobility
    03-22-12 09:44 PM
  3. Mc@wesomeYea's Avatar
    yea i saw that as one of my options already im just wondering if i have any other choices out there maybe ! thank you tho !
    03-22-12 10:59 PM