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    My company provides BlackBerry smart phones for our field based sales and service reps.

    We recently upgraded everyone from the Tour to the Bold. Because we had a number of left over, but well functional Tours, we decided to equip more of our staff with the older models.

    One particularly interesting and challenging piece of this is the average age of the people we gave the older models to is over 60 and they are all coming from standard flip cell phones. None of them have any smartphone experience and range from competent to clueless about technology.

    I am holding a "introduction to BlackBerry" class next week during one of our quarterly development days and was seeking advice on how to best give this class. I've reviewed topics such as the Top 10 things you should know about your BlackBerry, but frankly that is actually too advanced for me. These guys need to know how to dial a number, answer the phone, and read and respond to emails. Our president is one of these and I am afraid he is about to smash his against the wall.

    Last Christmas my wife and I got her mother a BlackBerry Curve. She is 75 and had never had a smart phone before and her response to text messages consisted of "K". She has aggressively embraced the BlackBerry and we now call her "TechnoGran". I just walked her through the basic steps and she's done phenomenally well. I'm hoping I can get these crusty old veterans around here to do as well as she has done with hers.

    I would welcome any suggestions or links on how to give a very basic BlackBerry 101 class. I have a good idea for an outline, but if any of you have experience giving this type of class or training I would welcome suggestions and assistance.

    10-28-11 08:46 AM
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    10-28-11 09:37 AM