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    I am Canadian and I am going to Singapore and Malaysia. I called Telus and they charge a lot! So, I am student and I want to keep in touch with my parents back home while I am traveling in Asia.

    What is the cheapest service provider that will give me text messages back to Canada? I don't even care about anything but may be about 50 MB for BBM data.

    My phone is unlocked and it is Bold 9900 Bands 1,2,5,6 GSM

    Thank you.
    04-20-12 09:23 AM
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    In Malaysia, there are three major players: Maxis, DiGi and Celcom.

    In terms of speed and coverage (for both data and phone calls), I'd say Maxis is the best. DiGi might appear cheap but its coverage is very poor so you might as well limit yourself to either Maxis or Celcom. Celcom is not bad in terms of voice calls but when it comes to data/internet speed, it is not as fast as Maxis.

    Maxis's prepaid service is called Hotlink. You can opt to subscribe to the BBM-service only, the full BIS service or the Social-plan service only. It's hard to describe here. Maybe you can go to the website and check it:


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    04-20-12 09:28 AM