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    I see a lot of discussions about which applications are best. But not so much about best services. In particular, I was looking at the beejive.com web site and saw that the Beejive application for BlackBerry, iPhone, and WinMobile can do messaging on all these services:

    Simultaneously IM on AIM, iChat, MobileMe, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ, & Jabber.

    Okay, do any of these cost money to use? Why use one or another? I can see that one would need to use a service that one's friends were on. But suppose you are all newbies and wanted to all sign up together. Which messaging service(s) to sign up for and why?
    04-12-09 09:24 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Seeing as I never hold more than one conversation at a time
    (I give whomever I am speaking to my undivided attention)
    Instango was always fine for me. Now that all of the major IM
    programs are available for the BB I simply use Yahoo and AOL
    without any help from a 3rd party app

    Paid apps:

    Free apps:
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    04-12-09 10:43 PM
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    amazinglygraceless, But Instango, Palringo, etc all need to send their messages thru one of the messaging services, right? You can't just use Instango without signing up for ICQ, AIM, or one of the other messaging services first to get an account on them, right?

    Don't Beejive, Instango, Palringo, etc all send their messages between phones via servers operated by the various instant messing services?

    I'm wondering what the pros and cons are of the various messaging services.
    04-12-09 11:47 PM
  4. ninja please's Avatar
    you don't have to sign up for all those different messengers, you just add whatever accounts you have and the others will be dormant.
    04-13-09 03:43 AM
  5. ryoujyoku's Avatar
    I've had BeeJive since I got my BB! I love it. I mainly use it for my AIM screen names, but it serves me quite well. My friends and I tend to need the extra character space with BeeJive because nothing we say is usually one sentence.
    04-13-09 04:13 AM
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    Off topic: I sure would love to see Fring come to the Blackberry, it supports all those standards including skype and its free on the other platforms.

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    04-13-09 04:59 AM
  7. CatAlex's Avatar
    IM+ s the best IMO. None of the other all-in-ones offer Skype except for IM+. It stands out from the rest in that alone. Plus it is very stable. No probs here an I use it for business contacts who are only on Skyoe. Def worth the 19 bux!

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    05-16-09 02:40 AM
  8. kokakola's Avatar
    I've always used MSN messenger.
    05-16-09 04:35 AM