02-25-08 03:41 PM
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  1. R33C3's Avatar
    JUs ordered a blueant z9
    12-28-07 10:09 AM
  2. vlalra's Avatar
    Good Value - Motorola H700

    Best Sound Quality - Aliph Jawbone.

    Send me a PM or email with your contact info. If you are looking at doing a big order like 200+ units I can arrange special pricing for you directly through our CrackBerry.com store providers.
    I have the H700 and love it but it has started to echo. Only on my end, I here what I am saying. The other person does not here it.

    any ideas,

    01-07-08 09:29 PM
  3. emptydarkone's Avatar
    The Motorola H500 works fine on my 8300. Just picked it up last night at Sam's Club for $25. I like it because it rests on the outside of the ear. Nothing to get ear taters on...
    01-07-08 10:12 PM
  4. chinesecatt's Avatar
    If you want a stereo headset, I would recommend the Plantronics Voyager 855. This is the best headset I have ever owned and tried. Stereo WITHOUT the sporty look (y)
    01-07-08 11:02 PM
  5. yogi's Avatar
    I want to know if the Plantronics Voyager 855 that chinesecatt talking is compatible with BB 8130. Thank you. Pin me at: 301CDA9F
    01-08-08 07:21 AM
  6. samiam13's Avatar
    have u found anything that will stay connected?
    01-09-08 04:22 PM
  7. lexhair's Avatar
    has anyone tried the 655 RIM/Plantronics yet?
    audio is good but everyone complains my voice is garbled. do not recommend.
    01-10-08 01:51 PM
  8. surfcitybum's Avatar
    I use the Motorola H700 and it work good and fits comfortably on the ear. Since I spend so much time driving I recently purchased a Blue Ant Supertooth Light (clips on the visor so you don't have to have an earpiece on) and it works GREAT. Hope this helps
    02-23-08 01:38 AM
  9. konsx's Avatar
    i bought a jabra BT2020 less than a week ago and it completely sucks. Won't stay connected and really low volume. i have a plantronics 510 that i've had for over a year and it sounds much better. BTW i have a new BBpearl. I hear the jawbone is exceptional but i like the way the plantronics fit.
    02-24-08 07:49 PM
  10. Mikey_23_ny1's Avatar
    I have plantronics 320, I know its not real high tech or anything but its just soo comfortable. I'm trying to get a good stereo one but cant find anything as comfortable as the plantronics 320. I tried the 855, but it hurts my ear (very annoying). I tried jawbone, h9, etc. etc. My next attempt will be the blue ant because its so light and small. But no stereo, oh well...
    02-25-08 03:41 PM
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