03-31-10 10:12 PM
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  1. Roadmaster's Avatar
    Amaze is so terrible that's why Telenav can collect $10 a month from people with it's not so good stuff.

    LifeInPocket seems to be very reliable so far and it has more features than Telenav.
    I had considered Lifeinpocket but when I looked at the web site I thought I read it cost $10 per month. Is it a free app or a monthly charge?
    07-16-09 01:28 PM
  2. sinxposed's Avatar
    I think i want gps now... i got the 8320 for the wifi .. but i kinda wish i got the gps now, maybe i'll just get a puck
    07-17-09 11:28 PM
  3. tmarkt's Avatar
    Get this! In USA Today, there's an article today in the Money section about how Verizon is complaining to the FCC that Cablevision will not give them access to the HD feed to the MSG sports channel that Cablevision owns! WOW... Verizon, we've been complaining for YEARS about you not "unlocking" our phones to use services that we've paid for or are free (GPS) with software we want to use. Please tell me, how the **** is this any different!!!!! Cablevision, do NOT give them access to any of your proprietary services. I have a BB 8830 and I can't even use the GPS software that I want to use. I travel to EU a lot (leaving for 2 weeks next Tuesday) and I won't have descent GPS services. Verizon, you really take the cake on this one. Sorry for my sudden outburst but this really set me off.

    Here's the link to the article - FCC to hear disputes on channel access - USATODAY.com
    I resented that my e815 was locked by Verizon. Needless to say we switched to Sprint, I got my first blackberry free (love this thing so far) and even get a stronger signal at our house (the Verizon signal was weak and we often had to use our land-line).

    And I had the same sudden outbursts when I'd send myself background pictures through Verizon's network and then get popped 0.25 cents for doing it.

    Personally, I think Verizon does have the best network but them seem to nickel and dime you to death and I don't like the way they've restricted their phones.
    And if I am not mistaken, they wouldn't let people download the free goggle maps app because they wanted their users to pay the 10 dollar a month fee for their own gps program. If this is true, this is outrageous.
    07-18-09 01:52 PM
  4. dgburns's Avatar
    And if I am not mistaken, they wouldn't let people download the free goggle maps app
    That is patently false.

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    07-19-09 06:16 AM
  5. dgburns's Avatar
    The reason why 9530 and 9630 GPSs are not blocked simply because these 2 new BBs has new GPS architecture that does not allow VZW to block GPS from Base Station.
    Again, false. If Verizon wants to they COULD treat 9530 and 9630 just like they treat the older 8x30 devices. RIM has yet to have the cajones to stand up to a carrier as big as Verizon so what the carrier wants (not what the customer wants) is what rules RIM devices and OS.

    So, on another topic, anybody have a Verizon 8230 Pearl Flip and know for certain if LBS apps can get a fix? Do Poynt, or Where, or LifeInPocket, or SuperPages, or whatever work with its GPS? I know how OS 4.5 and prior and OS 4.7 and later are treated, but OS 4.6???

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    07-20-09 05:52 AM
  6. kentusmc#CB's Avatar
    So I just canceled my telenav through att and here are my reasons why and what I did.

    First of all I cort too damn much $10/month so with that said with a 2 year contract that come out to $240 with that I could buy the best gps nav on the market.
    But my phone has build in gps so why on earth would I buy another device to do somthing my phone can already do.

    So I simply bought the garmin app and while I haven't used it much its just as good as, infact better than telenav. And because I am a member of blackberry's
    owners lounge I got it for $79.99 as opposed to the full price being $100. Garmin also offers a gps app for BBs that don't have gps for 20% off to owners lounge
    Members. I have tried some free gps apps but the just don't compare. Garmin does offer a free trail so I think all BB owners who want to use their gps but
    Don't want to get screwed by their carriers should give it a shot.

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    07-20-09 06:25 AM
  7. johnnyd_inaz's Avatar
    For all who have gotten LifeInPocket working I have a question. I have successfully installed version .62 of LifeInPocket for the Verizon Tour, but I cannot login to LifeInPocket. Everytime I try to login I get the following:

    "Network Error. Network is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

    I did go into Advanced Options for LifeInPocket (ver 0.62) and chose "Edit Permissions" and changed them all to "Allowed". Still no luck. Google Maps works fine, but I wanted to try to get LIfeInPocket working because all of the good reviews.

    Any ideas? Thanks in Advance.
    07-20-09 08:10 AM
  8. TheMiz's Avatar
    So I just canceled my telenav through att and here are my reasons why and what I did.

    First of all I cort too damn much $10/month so with that said with a 2 year contract that come out to $240 with that I could buy the best gps nav on the market.

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    $240 that is the price if you pay it through your carrier.

    They have all kinds of different options I would choice the 4 year plan
    you can change phones etc in that 4 years that price is $245 ( $5 a month)
    07-20-09 11:07 AM
  9. dgburns's Avatar
    Everytime I try to login I get the following:

    "Network Error. Network is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."
    If I recall correctly I had same error and did a battery pull and all was well.

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    07-21-09 06:36 AM
  10. CheekySheDevil's Avatar
    I have a BB 8320 with T-Mobile. For me, in "Options > Advanced Options > GPS", I'm unable to change "GPS Data Source". It says "None". But, bellow that, the "GPS Services" is set to "Location ON".

    Is T-Mobile allowing GPS service now? Would I need a puck (and what is a puck & where would I find onev)? What would you recomend for a audible navigation service? Thanks.

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    08-02-09 07:57 PM
  11. Barack-Berry's Avatar
    surprised to hear all the complaints on amaze. ive been using it for a few weeks now it hasnt given me a problem yet
    08-03-09 09:43 AM
  12. porando's Avatar
    I like both amAze and nav4all ( for a fact that they are free and work). Both have limitations and both have pluses and one needs to get used to UI, though they are free and take you to destination. LifeinPocket still has long way to go - BIG problem is no auto recalculation so if you miss your exit it won't figure it our for a mile and than tells you that there was an error and YOU have to hit the button to reclac?
    When asked to find gas stations - it found bunch of them but only these far away - none of them close to my location (home) and I know that there are bunch of them..
    Doesn't matter what I want to do - it always starts from seeking satellites...no memory ?

    Overall - good graphical interface (icons) but so far i prefer two others if you want reliability. Maybe next release will be better though I am seeing tab "available in full version" - does it meant it will be reduced functionality free and paid for full version?
    08-04-09 11:53 AM
  13. CheekySheDevil's Avatar
    I used to have T-Mobile. What they did was you must pay for BB plan in order to run apps. If you only have a regular data plan then nothing works.
    Thanks LasVegasGuy... I actually do pay for the T-Mobile "BB Unlimited Plan". I can run a ton of apps, but GPS eludes me.

    I bought this week a Holux M1200 GPS receiver, which runs fine, but now I have yet to have "LifeInPocket" to run. I keep getting the error of "Network is Unavailable". I've popped the battery, but, still no activity.

    I've uninstalled LifeInPocket and will try to install it via BB Desktop Manager.

    So, once again, I'm open to suggestion. If I can't LifeInPocket to run, is there any other audible turn-by-turn system that is recomended?


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    08-08-09 05:52 PM
  14. Raleigh123's Avatar
    When I use VZ Navigator on my Storm, the voice won't work if I have the bluetooth connected. Is there an option I need to choose or is this a system or software problem?
    08-08-09 06:38 PM
  15. durandetto's Avatar
    AmazeGPS is free and has turn by turn and in some areas it has Ariel maps for turn by turn. I had on T-mobile and couldn't get it to work, but works great with my Curve on Sprint.
    08-10-09 09:37 PM
  16. porando's Avatar
    Just downloaded and tried Gokivo - fantastic.... turn by turn with street names ,"real" voice, traffic and all other "stuff"
    Hard to believe it is free ( on BB App World) .
    Would be nice if it was more battery friendly. Can't find any power savings... but it beats so far all other free nav's
    08-11-09 03:30 PM
  17. AlanLMU's Avatar
    I am on Verizon & have a BB Tour 9630. I tried Telenav during the free-trial period. Its an ok program. The main turn-off I have w/Telenav is that their "Search" feature yielded some outdated results.

    Prior to my BB, I had an LG Voyager (also w/Verizon). I had a premium plan. Thus, I had VZ Navigator for free. I found that to be a very good GPS program. The only gripe I had was their map was very 1st Gen-ish. But otherwise, it got me where I needed to go and their "Search" feature was pretty much on target.

    Now...I would like to try the Garmin program on my Tour 9630. However, b4 trying, I wanted to know if someone w/a Tour 9630 AND is on Verizon, has been able to load the program successfully and what the experience has been like. And thanks in advance for your 2 cents.
    08-14-09 02:35 AM
  18. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    This will be my first BB, so what is the best GPS program for it? I currently have the voyager and really like it, so far I haven't had any real problems using Navigator, it has gotten me to where I wanted to go.

    I saw that Garmin app for a monthly charge of $9.99 or it could be bought for a one time price. I also heard something about buying a puck to help with the blue tooth and the GPS. What in the heck is a Puck?

    I have used Gokivo Navigator. It has turn by turn voice directions and it is free through the App World. It says that it is a trial version, but I have had it for four months and have never been charged. Check it out.

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    08-16-09 05:44 PM
  19. joeunc's Avatar
    where did you get Gokivo at, it says you have a tour but I can't find it in search on app world on my Tour. Did you use a 8900 or 9000 version?

    08-18-09 09:44 AM
  20. dchain's Avatar
    I have Amaze, and it worked pretty good this morning on my way to work, but it is kind of difficult to get it to work on the storm... I also have lifeinpocket and if I could afford it, I would certainly go with Garmin, I had it for a week and never had the issue... well worth it, just cant afford it right now, and not sure I am keeping this phone past January... moving service over to ATT then for work...

    Gunna try LifeInPocket
    08-20-09 11:56 AM
  21. Jancy10's Avatar
    I use AmazeGPS, is free and it works great for me, it has voice navegation, and maps!
    08-20-09 11:59 AM
  22. Xopher's Avatar
    AmazeGPS definitely takes some getting used to. It's not really intuitive with all the options that work in other countries. Once you get to the right screen for selecting addresses and POIs, it works (other than some of the voice cut-outs). I haven't tried Life-In-Pocket. The main difference I've seen with LIP, Nav4All, and AmazeGPS is all three of them have the option to use arrows only. AmazeGPS is the only free one that offers maps as well.

    Personally, I found the the Garmin software was the best choice for me. It works. It locks on and does a pretty good job of directing me, including avoiding traffic jams and such. It was also the easiest to navigate within the software itself. I've had it on my BB for over a year with the $79 (BB Owner's Lounge Price) lifetime device license. I'll gladly go that route again when I replace my BB at the end of the year.
    08-20-09 05:39 PM
  23. cbr1786's Avatar
    yeah, ive had my fair share of going through many gps programs. Amaze is very good when it works... But, for most of the time, its very very laggy, switching from map view to satellite view takes forever, and its just kinda hard to navigate through. Im not sure if any of you have been here, but ill throw this out here and maybe it'll help someone..

    onlyblackberrygps . c o m

    There is quite a few there, from free to paid...
    Sorry its not a real link, Im not aloud to post links or pics until i reach 10 posts..
    08-20-09 05:49 PM
  24. 10schick's Avatar
    I have tried BlackBerry Maps, Google Maps, and Sprint Navigation (TeleNav) and found the last to work the best for me. It features turn-by-turn voice navigation, map, multiple search options, and, best of all, it's totally free since I have one of Sprint Simply Everything plans.

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    08-22-09 08:17 PM
  25. allegrobob's Avatar
    I tried the Garmin Mobile on my Storm and was disappointed with it. Multiple times it didn't have a strong enough signal to find me and just hung. From the same location I shut it down and brought up TELENAV and it did a much better job. Telenav uses the built in GPS and cell tower better than Garmin. It will notifiy you when it's lost contact with one or the other but keeps going, the Garmin would hang.
    08-29-09 07:01 PM
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