02-04-12 01:40 PM
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  1. pirerman's Avatar
    bold 9000 it was and it still is the greatest keyboard on a bb, so much in fact that they had to reproduce it 9900, the form factor wich to some seemed at the time like a brick it was perfect, the screen was bigger than most phones that came with a keyboard @ that time and now the 9900 grew on that screen so summing all up the 9900 might be better than the 9000 but just because its a bigger 9000, so to me the 9000 is the greatest and most solid moment in rims history till this day that phone comands respect and every thing on after that phone was powered by its 624 mhz procesor its just that big to me!
    01-03-12 08:46 PM
  2. windblackberry's Avatar
    9900 for sure...
    01-03-12 08:49 PM
  3. maxiang's Avatar
    not to mention the best speaker phone in that series. used a 8310... blew away the speaker on my 9700 and my wife's 9800.
    You ever hear the speakers on the 9000? Best. Speakers. Ever.

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    01-03-12 08:59 PM
  4. pirerman's Avatar
    You ever hear the speakers on the 9000? Best. Speakers. Ever.

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    take a 9000 and start playing music on it and put it in front of your face..... stereo sound!!!! thats just awesome dont remember the last BB that was able to do that!
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    01-03-12 09:08 PM
  5. leejayh's Avatar
    9810 best form factor.
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    01-03-12 09:17 PM
  6. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    83xx series. Oh my...
    01-03-12 09:25 PM
  7. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    I am curious to know how many 99xx users actually had the 83xx series and used them.
    I had the 8310, I believe (on T-Mobile), and I loved it! Trackball broke...I went through 3 of them in about a year. But I beat them o death! I also owned 9500 & 9550. I loved both, but Storm 2 was far better than 1. I really enjoyed the multimedia capabilities that the large screen brought. Cracked 9550 screen just before Christmas & am now the proud owner of 9930! I love it! OS7 is phenomenal!

    Now with hotspot, I'm a happy camper!

    01-03-12 09:26 PM
  8. peteygrizz's Avatar
    I am using the 9810 now but I have to say I was most impressed by the 9700. The keypad was just right, and the whole thing felt very compact and easy to carry. I have checked out the 9900 but it is a little too wide for my liking. I love my 9810 but the design doesn't feel quite as polished overall as it should be.
    01-03-12 09:26 PM
  9. mykidsmom1964's Avatar
    The 8330 was my first blackberry.I know have the Bold 9930. My first impression of the 9930, and joy I might add, was that it felt sooo much like the 8330 in my hand.I carry the red 8330 with me everyday in case I need a backup.
    01-03-12 09:31 PM
  10. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    Having trouble parting with my 9000!!!!!
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    01-03-12 09:36 PM
  11. sir.dangerfield's Avatar
    99x0+PB makes for the best mobile experience. Each is already my favorite in class, but together it's like Batman and Batman.
    01-03-12 09:46 PM
  12. 1edyson's Avatar
    9900 and 9780
    01-03-12 10:27 PM
  13. jonno_atamaniuk's Avatar
    I'm gonna go against the general grain here.....

    I started with a 9530 on my path to true Blackberry enlightenment (and use). From there, I went to dual-use of a 9530 and a 9700. Both had just as long a battery life as one another with my usage (either one was hovering around 40% battery by the end of a work day). But then the 9530 got put down for an Android phone (working for a tel-co, I wanted to be able to give people an honest-to-goodness answer when they asked "what's better?" and give my experiences), but the 9700 held on, despite running into power issues after using a particular charging accessory.

    Now, the 9700 is retired, and continuing forward with Blackberry (I could never leave and call myself a true cell phone expert without one) I now use the 9810.

    With my trio of devices laying in front of me (an Amaze 4G android phone, my 9810, and my brand new playbook), I can honestly say that Blackberry truly does give the best experience altogether. Even just using the devices together... it just works.

    All this said, the BEST blackberry device out there in my opinion has to be a very close tie between the 9810 and the 9790. Why? I can understand people not liking the slider form factor. I really can. But it has significantly better battery life than the 99xx, a better camera than the 99xx, the exact same speeds over the network as the 99xx, and the same OS. The only thing the 99xx has over the 9810 would be the NFC communication.... which just drained battery faster anyways :P.

    So why the 9790 too? It also had a slightly better battery life than the 99xx series devices, while using the exact same battery and with the exact same features.

    So for me it's a toss-up vote between the 9810 and the 9790, with my own experience leaning to the 9810 for my uses. Obviously the best device combination is any Blackberry combined with a Playbook, though.
    01-03-12 11:04 PM
  14. KQ17's Avatar
    All the recent BlackBerry are inspired of the OG Bold.
    01-03-12 11:10 PM
  15. Azurestrike's Avatar
    my 8800 was the best blackberry experience for me
    i still think it was a sexiest and to me it seemed like a prequel to the bold 9000
    01-03-12 11:41 PM
  16. blusls's Avatar
    I used to say the 8330 was the best, but several months into my 9930, the 9930 takes the cake!!

    Best looking BB to date, great form/feel, awesome blend of touch/type, quick and snappy OS (for a BB), and for me, quite reliable. With that said, it seems 1 of 3 have issues with locking or nuking. That to means means generally, the 8330 to date has been the most stable device, but for me personally, my 9930 has been rock solid with several fully depleted battery/recharges without issue, and one drop from over 12 feet onto a rock (landed on back) never missed a beat, and sustained a small blemish to the lower left back.
    saw your signature in the best blackberry ever. High 5 to that!!!! Hopefully ot happens.
    01-04-12 12:25 AM
  17. jaytee1o4's Avatar
    9900 rocks
    01-04-12 12:50 AM
  18. cfx_will's Avatar
    9900. touchscreen, trackpad, best keyboard ever. hardware is just amazing.
    01-04-12 01:39 AM
  19. CDM76's Avatar
    best I've owned so far .... 9800 love the slider. but wish had the 9900 keyboard
    01-04-12 01:59 AM
  20. mrgeorge's Avatar
    I Have 9900 and its really good device and i have no problem with my device yet going really good
    01-04-12 04:52 AM
  21. bitje's Avatar
    9000 best ever and 9900 best to date
    01-04-12 05:34 AM
  22. torch maniac's Avatar
    Though all of them almost interest me....9860 is the best out of all!!
    01-04-12 05:58 AM
  23. wanderguzman's Avatar
    wow some guys are stupid enough here saying that 9900 is the best bb ever you cant even compare with the high end device from the competence they just simply make it look like a dinosaur, thats why the BOLD 9000 was the last good and best experience on a Blackberry device perfect combination of top hardware and software at that time.
    01-04-12 05:59 AM
  24. torch maniac's Avatar
    Torch 9860!!
    01-04-12 06:13 AM
  25. ChrisBerrydude's Avatar
    8520 :P yeah yeah , OS 5 FTW

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    01-04-12 07:06 AM
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