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    In the next week or so I am going to get a Blackberry phone. Just need help deciding which one to get. I think I want either the Blackberry Torch 9900 or the Blackberry Torch 9810. I just got a Playbook so I have decided to get rid of my Android phone. So any help or thoughts would be nice.
    12-10-11 01:42 AM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    9810. Bigger screen and less bugs.
    12-10-11 02:10 AM
  3. Capitan Totti's Avatar
    The 9900 has a better keyboard, and is the iconic BB, but for now the 9810 does have less issues, overall. Try both out and then make the decision. You might dislike the 9810 keyboard and go for the 9900 in the end.

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    12-10-11 02:47 AM
  4. youknwwho's Avatar
    The 9810 key board are quite cramp and pale in comparison with the 9900. Try them both but remember they all have great touch screen.
    12-10-11 03:39 AM
  5. tyler_JC's Avatar
    I have a 9900 and love it. I had a look at the torch and turned it down because I didn't want another touch. Granted the 9900 is touch but I rarely use that function (usually its by accident while using my phat thumbs on the trackpad haha).
    12-10-11 06:17 AM
  6. FuzzyB's Avatar
    9900 gets my vote
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    12-10-11 07:30 AM
  7. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    I love the keyboard of the Blackberry Bold 9900 and i don't like slider devices that much so i would go with the 9900 blackberry..

    But i think it's up to you to make the right choice...
    the Bold 9900 is a great blackberry device for those who likes the classic blackberry bold touch and feel with the big keyboard.

    The Torch 9810 is for those who like the slider phones, i call it 2in1 device, you will get the experience of a full big screen mobile device without loosing the pysical keyboard.

    The Torch 9860 is also strongly recommended if you are into the landscape phone style...

    But if you really want to experience something new that i think is exactly what a phone should be then get the new Blackberry bold 9790!
    which is close to the 9900 but reminds the "starting to get old" reliable bold 9780.

    I think that the OS7 Blackberry devices are great and they can fit exactly as needed because you choose the type of berry you like.
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    12-10-11 09:10 AM
  8. Spencerdl's Avatar
    When I think of Blackberry I think of "keypad", unfortunate that the 99xx is still going through growing pains. IMO, the 99xx would be an excellent choice having the best of both touch and keypad.
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    12-10-11 09:38 AM
  9. bbmme's Avatar
    9900 has everything you need.
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    12-10-11 09:46 AM
  10. Mrluky's Avatar
    i have used thr 9810 for a month on at&t. switched to verizon(only because i had the chance too without etf)and now i own the 9930.I have to say that the keyboard on the 9930 is much easyer to handle.the 9810 is a little unbalanced do to my big hands.But i did love the 9810 very much.And i did get a 9930 that has minimal problems.so if i had the choice ,whitch i did,i went with 9930.
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    12-10-11 10:03 AM
  11. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I think the 9810 is the better option as it has a decent sized touch screen and if you still like using a keyboard then the option is also there.

    The 9900 does have a great keyboard, but as you can see, it seems the entire tech world is moving into full touch screen devices already and on screen keyboards are actually easier to use after you've gotten used to them.

    The 9900 has had so many issues (battery, bricking, etc.) plus it's a joke to browse using the small screen.
    I agree, the 99xx has issues, but the OP stated he has the PlayBook which has a larger screen for browsing. What separates the Blackberry from the "tech" world is indeed the keypad
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    12-10-11 10:39 AM
  12. sam_b77's Avatar
    9900 for me. I had the Torch 9800 but loved the ease of having the keyboard right there. I forgot the speed dials on Torch as it was too cumbersome to slide the keyboard out and press the key.
    9900 does what a BB does best, quick no nonsense access for all your communication needs. And the mutlimedia features are nice as well.

    Of course if a lack of AutoFocus camera is a deal breaker then the 9900 is not for you.
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    12-10-11 10:59 AM
  13. MissFunglish's Avatar
    I love my Torch but it is definitely more inconvenient to type on it
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    12-10-11 11:31 AM
  14. anthogag's Avatar
    The 9810 has a better camera. This is important for close-up shots of articles and apps like Evernote...

    I have the 9800 and the 9810 keyboard is a little-bit larger.

    If you see the phone as being a typing tool, then it's the 9900, if you want a multi-purpose tool, then it's the 9810
    12-10-11 12:22 PM
  15. AsBloodRunsBlack's Avatar
    Wow. Thank u guys so much for all the great info. Its gonna be hard to make a decision. I will have to do some more research and check them out in person. Do any of you know a website where I can see good reviews about these phones?? And also I kind of want one with a good camera on it. I love my Playbooks camera. But its to big to always carry around. So if i can get one with a good camera that would be a huge bonus.Again thank you all for such great advice.
    12-10-11 12:25 PM
  16. blackberry_lover_forever's Avatar
    Just like Tyler, I suggest you the bold 9900 if you do care about typing and the torch 9810 if it's'not a selling point for you. But I disagree people who consider the 9810 like a 2in1 device. In my opinion, the 9810 keyboard is more like an occasional tool than a real feature. When I purchased my 9900, I made the deal for the 9810 first, but when I came in store to pick it up, I saw the 9900 in real (I found it really ugly in the website' pictures, actually), I fall in love and call back Rogers to transfer the plan on this one cause both phones were at the same prices. But I played a few minutes with both and personnally, I would never make a long typing on the 9810' keyboard. But it' up to you : me, I REALLY need a keyboard. Like all student who respect himself, I do everything at the last minute and I wrote a lot of homeworks/texts/analysis, on the go with word2go... Plus I'm a BBM and texting monster, and I send a couple of emails daily to keep my teammates on date for or school work, so... If you're not that kind of user, the 9810 is for you. Few or no bugs, larger display, "decent" keyboard for occasional uses... Make a choice !!
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    12-10-11 12:35 PM
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    I have both the 9810 and the 9900, and switch every week or so. The 9900 is running OS 7.1, and it rocks hotspot and NFC capabilities, while the 9810 is still on .585, and has zero NFC, and lacks hotspot for now. There is a hybrid 7.1 out for the 9810, but I have never loaded a hybrid into a phone, and I'm afraid I'll screw something up.

    The 9900 is a great phone, I love the keyboard, and it looks incredible, but I find myself choosing the 9810 a little more often, the larger screen just pulls me in that direction. Yes, the keyboard is a bit smaller, but as the OP is coming from a 'Droid, he's most likely used to typing on glass. The virtual kb in landscape works just fine, and I use it often.

    There are reviews of the phones at: http://crackberry.com/blackberry-bold-9900-review
    and : http://crackberry.com/blackberry-torch-9810-review.

    Good luck, I hope you choose the phone thats best for you, and you'll have a great experience with BB. Bridging to your PB just makes whichever one you pick that much cooler.
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    12-10-11 01:33 PM
  18. AugustArborists's Avatar
    Oops, I forgot the camera. The 9810 has auto-focus, the 9900 is EDOF, and to tell you the truth, both have worked perfectly for me. I guess in macro shots the 9810 wins, but in my case, either one is good.

    Also, here is a video Joseph Holder did on the vkb in portrait mode. He's pretty fast on that thing. http://crackberry.com/blackberry-vir...-best-business
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    12-10-11 01:42 PM