1. srdempster's Avatar
    I am new to BB but am enjoying the freedom to experiment with it. I've installed Hybrid's tinkered with Beta's in Betazone and I accept prob's from time to time.
    My only gripe is it's very weak to crash-looping and I find the boot up time is annoying. I find that installing genuine app's, beta app's anything can throw it off balance and cause it to crash-loop. More often than not I lose my data apart from what BB Protect saves. What I want to know is:

    The best back-up freebie to either a cloud or on SD card (texts,emails,contacts,bookmarks....)

    The fastest OS for my BB Bold 9780 hybrid or otherwise.

    How to eliminate the boot-loops?!

    Any good advise appreciated Steve
    12-08-11 06:01 AM